Friday, December 24, 2010

not me, couldn't be

So I have this awesome friend. Jessi. She was my roommate last year at Utah State and she is just wonderful. I love her to death. Seriously, we had so many wonderful adventures together, especially when we were exhausted and it was late at night hahaha. I am so glad she was my room roommate at school. It was definitely the best. It was always awesome having crazy inside jokes that no one else in the apartment understood. Ha! 
Anyway, last night she sent me a text telling me to check my Facebook because she sent me something. So I grabbed my computer and looked and this is the message she sent me:

On a cold winter day persuasive snow and ice throughout the land,
Black ice hidden from the viewers eye a tragic fall,
a minor bruise anything major?!

Not me couldn't be. 

A peaceful day, a glorious view, a wide open road, cruising to the unknown
a tragic crash a minor bruise. Anything major? 

Not me couldn't be. 

The perfect day. A dream come true with a picture perfect life of health and cheer. 

A tragic cold a weaknd body anything major
Not me couldn't be.

Perhaps we hear a lifetime of "no not me that could never happen to me it may happen to others but not me couldn't be." What happens when the day cones when the roller coaster takes and unexpected twist and it is you? What do you do when the first tear drop falls and the reality sets? Maybe the truth of it is, we all have a day when the heartbreaking trail is on your front door. The question is what road do you take? Do you take the higher road and fully give yourself to Christ having complete faith, hope and will to endure to endure to the end? Or do you hop of the roller coaster and mutter "not me couldn't be." 

Only you can decide.

(the spaces between lines means nothing.... I just can't make it stay with no spaces)

Don't worry, that awesome roommate I just told you about definitely wrote this last night. She is so talented. I am so lucky to know her and to consider her one of my best friends. Seriously, she is so great, I don't think you even understand. I am sad I no longer live with her because I am certain we would have so many crazy and amazing adventures that one wouldn't know what to do with them all. 

Tuesday night

Tuesday night was such a spectacular night I just need to write a little about it so I do not forget it.
I went over to Damion and Melissa's house for dinner with their SIX boys, Brad and Robin and their four kids, and the missionaries from their ward (Melissa totally forgot she signed up to feed them that night... but the more the merrier right?). So I get there a little early and so I played air hockey with the boys for almost an hour and rode around on scooters and whatnot in their basement until I was completely worn out from all of the children chasing me and tackling me. It was great. Then when Brad and Robin got there we ate! It was delicious. Damion barbecued and it was just all around a good time. Definitely lots of laughs as usual. Damion also made these incredible orange julius' and the Anderson's made DELICOUS cookies that I just could not stop eating. It was definitely chaotic and crazy but so much fun. Then we played Ticket to Ride, and let me tell you. SO MUCH FUN. Robin won even though it was her first time playing... and Damion, who always wins apparently, lost big time because of me. :) ha. It was definitely a great game and a great night with some wonderful people.  

Friday, December 10, 2010

I've got birds in my ears and the devil on my shoulder

Lights at Temple Square

Camille, Jessica, and me

They had way cool lanterns outside and they way they were all lit up looked so pretty but my camera didn't any good pictures with them all lit up but this is what they looked like.

I'm very found of this angle of picture. Just the winter atmosphere is awesome! 

After this picture Camille and Jessica kept trying to get in this one couples picture who were sitting in front of us a little bit and they kept kissing for their pictures so it was pretty entertaining until the guy turned around and we had to scurry away.

This tree was massive and SO bright that if you looked at it for too long you could probably go blind haha. 

Conference Center fountain

Camille is like pro at jumping pictures. This was definitely the first try and everyone after that she was in mid air as well.

This one is just funny because it almost looks photo shopped  and you can't see one of her legs haha

Jessica on the other hand is like me, nearly impossible to time the jump right haha

and then she fell.

Camille's face is just awesome. 

and I look like I'm falling here and Jessica looks like a monkey haha awkward.

As we were going back to the car I looked up at the Conference Center and realized that all along the back side of it are trees on each little level.... Jess says its so it will blend in. haha.

Okay so more about the night: 

*As we drove up to Salt Lake, there was a man running along side the freeway, like in the shoulder. In full running gear. It was odd.
*We also are really good at blasting amazing music and bein crazy and singing super loud and doing crazy car dancing. It's the best ha
*When we went to pick up Jessica (she is living at her cousins house in Thanksgiving Point) we had directions and drove right past it to the very end of the street and thought we would never find it only to discover that it was the very first house on the left... ha.
*Camille's iPod decided to be temperamental and as we got closer to the city she had to hold it up in the air in odd directions so that the radio station wouldn't get all fuzzy. Highly entertaining as she was driving.
*Her car is also like a vortex. It eats things. Like my phone. And it is nearly impossible to find them.
*After finally finding a place to park next to the Conference Center, we decided to get food first because we were starving. So we started walking down random streets (its really inconvenient that the mall is no longer there because its harder to find places to eat without it) Until ending up at Carl's Jr. Mmm the bacon guacamole burger there is SO good. Then we proceeded to stuff ourselves super full and were going to ride tracks back to Temple Square until we realized we were a lot closer than we originally thought. Some random guy asked us for money as we were walking so that he could ride trax back home..... but we didn't have any cash or change, and plus, he was dressed in way nice clothes so it was kinda sketch as to how serious he was  about not having any money or anything. Then we finally ended up back at Temple Square after going by some interesting and kinda creepy old abandoned places. Gotta love downtown.
*After a magnificant time at Temple Square with amazing amazing friends, we started heading home, but the Jazz game had just ended so traffic was a little hectic and instead of turning on 500 S, we ended up just keep going south on whatever street that was haha and ended up in way sketch-ville. All of a sudden the road just kind of made a way sharp turn because of the trax and as we turned it got a little freaky ha. After a few turns and a bit of creepy feeling, we passed the massive new Walmart that is like 5 times the size of any Walmart I have ever seen. It was kind of disgusting. ha. Then we finally made it back to Provo :)

It seriously is so great to have amazing friends. I'm sad Jessica is going back to Idaho next semester so we won't really be able to hang out but it's been great hanging out with her this semester. 
I really do believe in tender mercies from the Lord as well. When I first moved to Provo I was a bit worried about going to a new ward and not knowing anyway and having it be a hard adjustment, but the very first Sunday I was there I met Camille and since we are both residential's in our ward we became quick friends and she has been such a blessing and answer to prayers. As we were driving to Provo we were just talking about all kinds of things. it's so great to have friends that you can talk to about anything and who understand what you are going through and that you can have so much fun with.  (As it turns out Camille is in the same major as me! ha) It was such a great evening and I am so glad that I was finally able to go see the lights at Temple Square because I have never been before and it was truly so incredible and such a great experience. I definitely will be going every year from now on :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A spoonful of sugar

Weekends. They can go one of two ways. and sometimes two of two ways. Either completely amazing or ridiculously boring. This past weekend? Super fantastic :) Pretty sure I avoided 98.3% of all homework as well.
Here's what went down:
Friday morning I had to get up at 5am and take Nana to the airport because she went to Colorado for a few days. Then I proceeded to go to school and be exhausted. Then I came home and watched a movie and did a bit of studying and then went to the Utah Flash game with Jessica because she got free tickets from her work. That was pretty fun, except I definitely like NBA games better because they are not as chaotic and insane. Holy cow, I have never seen so many children at a sporting event before! After that we were going to go see a movie but when we got to the dollar theater all of the good movies were sold our (you would think we live in a college town or something ha!) and so we went and rented a movie instead. I think she left my place around 1:30 am ha. Then on Saturday I slept in a bit then my grandpa called and invited me to the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU so I did that for the afternoon (see below). Then the weekend really got crazy. ha.Camille and Jessica came over and we ordered pizza and watch a chick flick and ate way way way too much junk food and whatnot but it was really fun. At around 1:30 we decided to go get another movie and get some caffeine as well. We were so hyper and going crazy at this point so driving was quite entertaining. Don't worry, we are definitely pro Chinese Fire-drillers without getting caught by cops too :) I know, we pretty much rock. After some interesting adventures at Walmart (that's the only darn place open late with a redbox and food! lame.)We came back here and watched the movie... and both Camille and Jessica fell asleep and surprisingly I stayed awake the entire time which is rare because I take after my mom and am pro at falling asleep during movies especially late at night ha. So around 3:45 Camille went home and Jessica just stayed here so she wouldn't have to drive back to Thanksgiving Point so late. Remarkably, I somehow managed to go to sleep at about 4:15 or so and get up for church at 8:30 AND be on time. So weird. Jessica stayed at my place most of the day and we just watched movies and chilled and slept ha. 
Overall it was a rockin weekend and I'm still exhausted from it, but late night girl parties are so great and so needed every once in awhile :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Carl Bloch and wonderful friends

This morning I got a call from my grandparents. They were going to the Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU Art Museum and had an extra ticket and invited me to go with them. I had nothing else to do (except studying and doing homework hahaha) so I went with them. It was actually really cool. There were a ton of pictures that I had never seen before and I learned a lot of things about the artist who has many famous pictures used throughout the church yet his name is not one you hear very often. This picture below is one I had never seen before but it is now one of my favorites of his:

"Christ and Child"
Copenhagen, 1834

Last night I was able to go to the home opener of the Utah Flash game with Jessica because she got free tickets from her work. It was pretty fun and quite a different experience from NBA games that's for sure. After we were going to go see You Again at the dollar theater but when we got there the whole world was there and all the good movies were sold out so we went and rented New Moon (there was nothing else worth getting and we decided we were in a twilight mood hahaha) and got some food then went back to my place.Tonight will continue our twilight mood because we are watching Eclipse later and Camille is also going to come hang out with us. Pretty sure pizza will also be involved. Who needs to study for finals when you've got great friends to hang out with! Haha. 

Dear five in the AM

Dear 5am,
you suck.
just thought you should know.
i really thought after high school i would never have to see you again.
please don't come around again any time soon.
that'd be great.

morning-hater Lindsay

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I can't believe I am about to do this

Okay, so the next topic is: post a YouTube video you find funny.
I seriously can't believe I am going to do this. Because it is highly embarrassing
This just shows the ridiculousness of my Freshmen year of college. And how crazy awesome Jessi and Sarah are. 
Anyway, they really just make me bust up laughing except you will probably think that they are so stupid but that is okay. I guess if you lived with us last year and experienced our insaneness they would make sense and might be funny... but probably not. I have so many things that I could say about them but I think I will just keep it to myself because there are too many for me to even begin writing down. 
The shorter one is supposed to be first but oh well. It is also the one where we are talking about Bed Bath and Beyond.... we were going in search of a wedding gift for a friend who was getting married. and don't judge our voices... we practiced and practiced those and often talked like that to each other, especially late at night while trying to fall asleep. ha even longer story.
The longer video is after we picked up Sarah from art and we were getting ice cream in the freezing cold to make milkshakes. Epicness if I do say so myself. Oh such wonderful times.

Remember, DON'T JUDGE ME! :)

pretty sure we had some of the best times together :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


Today's topic for the blog: a photo of you over ten years ago. I know it's kind of blurry but that is because I took it with my phone over the summer when I was cleaning out some stuff in my room. Look how cute and tiny I used to be!!

*I also think my knees look funny in this picture. Such awkward shaped legs haha. Plus! Look at our hands.... we used to like each other it seems because we were holding hands and smiling not fighting! ha!*

And just for the heck of it I decided to add two more. This was taken around Christmas 2006. Good golly I have blonde hair! I guess we KIND of liked each other here too... but it was so very rare this would happen.

And the most recent: April 2010. SLC airport just after Bryan got home from his mission. We even kind of match! Crazy how fast time just flies by.

anyway. two more weeks of school. then finals. bleh. then CHRISTMAS!! my most favorite time of the year!  woo hoo!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Favorite Movie+snow

Okay, so the next topic on the list.... my favorite movie. This is a difficult question because I have so many. The most recent movie I have seen in theaters that is my favorite now is probably Unstoppable with Chris Pine and Denzel Washington. Sooooo so so so so good. I definitely will be buying that one when it comes out on DVD. 
I really just love almost any chick flick too, obviously. Haha. Some of the most recent ones that I've watched and loved, Sweet Home Alabama, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Dear John, R.E.D. Oh man. Along with the chick flicks are action movies. R.E.D. is definitely a hilarious one. Go see it. Right now. Along with Unstoppable. :) 

Last night, it FINALLY snowed here in Provo. We were suppossed to get tons of snow last Tuesday but it never came.But when I woke up this morning there was probably at least a good inch and it just made me happy. I love snow oh so much. Keep on comin snow! I'd be okay with getting enough to cancel classes, even if there are only two weeks before finals... :/ yikes. I guess I better get studying! 
Happy Sunday! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh Thanksgiving

So here is my attempt of writing more frequently here.... another list type dealio of topics to write about. Today's: make a bullet list of everything that happened in your day. Well this will be oh so fun because today was THANKSGIVING! I just love Thanksgiving, the one day of the year to completely stuff your face and not really feel guilty about it. I swear today I ate soooo much. Here is the list:

*I woke up around 11 (yesterday I woke up at noon.... this is why I love holidays!)
*Drank a glass of chocolate milk so that I would still be hungry for massive amounts of food later
*Watched some fabulous T.V. while getting ready
*Made my hair super cute while knowing that after a few hours it would be nearly straight.
*Went to Eric and Elaine's for dinner!
*Helped Rachel make more delicious food and finish setting up for the feast!
*Took some pictures
*Ate insane amounts of food 
*Watched a movie with the family while digesting food in preparation for desert.
*Did dishes and cleaned up
*Ate some uh-maze-ing deserts. 
*Came home and laid out on the floor for nearly two hours while watching more movies because I couldn't move
*Now I'm here... writing this while dying of laughter because I just love late night television.Seriously great stuff. Sooo entertaining, especially those amazing Roots! :) 
*Now, I am going to bed because I am exhausted from a day full of eating! 
*Here is my favorite picture of the day as well. I love this cute cousin of mine :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So many things in my life are awkward moments. and they just make me laugh.
Tonight was supposed to be a ridiculous blizzard. Well guess what. Utah lies.... it hasn't even snowed here and it's 1 AM. =[ I was so looking forward to tons of snow.
Anyway, that's not the awkward part. So Camille and I decided to go to a movie at 10:00 tonight because we were bored. So we went town to University Mall and were planning on seeing Morning Glory but the stupid theater decided to close way way early because of the "blizzard" (yah, I hope they regret that considering there was and still is not any snow outside!). So as we are getting back in the car a van of boys is next to us starting to get out and they start talking to us about why it's closed and we so talked to them for a second and told them it was closed and we went on our merry little way to the dollar theater and decided to see Wall Street Money Never Lies. As we are sitting in the theater watching previews, a bunch of guys come in and sit across the aisle from us and they look was familiar and we determined they must have been the guys from the van. So Camille says something but they didn't really hear us, except the guy on the end saw us looking at them and so the three of us just sat there for about 8 seconds staring at each other with complete awkwardness.... and then when Camille said "oh they must not have heard us" another guy looked over at us so I asked them if they were just at the other theater in a van and they all looked at us like we were psycho stalker chicks because they definitely were not over there let alone in a van. By this time Camille and I just bust up laughing at our awkwardness and they heard us which made it all the more awkward and awesome. Haha. Good times.
Speaking of awkward, the word just reminded me of when I was a sophomore in high school one of my teachers loved to bet students on anything and everything (he is a genius so he would always win, plus he always played with words so that he would win no matter what because half the time we had no idea what he was really saying). But one day we were talking about a paper I was writing and somehow spelling words came up and sure enough, so did betting on what words I could actually spell or not. He bet my grade that I couldn't spell awkward and even though I thought I knew how (which I did), I declined to take the bet because I started second guessing myself and was fearful for my grade. I should have taken it though because not only would I have been right, but I would have also gotten an automatic A on my paper. Ha.
I don't really know why that came to mind but I thought it was kind of funny so I just had to share. It's crazy to think how long ago that was yet I still remember it! Oh how time just seems to fly.
Later when it's not almost 1:30 AM and I'm not super exhausted I will blog about the adventurous weekend I had in Colorado at Grant and Bekah's wedding. Such fun times. =]

Friday, October 15, 2010

My favorite place on earth

So pretty much I am just the best at pulling off surprises... especially with my mom. On multiple occasions I have surprised her by coming home from school. Last December I came home for Christmas 2 days earlier than she expected me and I went to her school with Laura and surprised her and she actually started crying because she was so shocked. Then, last Wednesday I pulled off another spectacular surprise. She didn't even know that I had a long weekend from school which was perfect. So I showed up at the house, rang the doorbell, and her jaw just dropped. It was perfect. And it was a wonderfully perfect 4 days in Colorado as well... and much too short. Here are some of the highlights:

-my mom and I went shopping and out to eat on multiple occasions (my dad was at scout camp for a few days)
-one night while at Sweet Tomatoes (one of my favorite places ever) BOTH of my brothers called me within 10 minutes of each other. How awesome are they!
-I got a haircut, which was super fabulous and I know love love love my hair
-I went to the dentist (which almost ruined the surprise but it didn't ha)
-I went babysitting a few times and made a little extra money
-my parents recently got a new car... and I got to drive it for a couple of days which was sooo much fun.
-I made cookies, which I haven't done in awhile and they were just oh so delicious
-I got to sleep in my own bed which I have missed oh so much. It was the best
-Jada was so absolutely thrilled to see me.... or just to have someone home during the day to play with her and take her for a walk. I missed that puppy
-My cat Daisy has gotten ridiculously fat. It's out of control. She is just so lazy haha
-Saturday I went to some volleyball games and had to ref one which was fun
-Saturday I also went to Bekah's bridal shower which was way fun... except now I am feeling old because my friends are getting married and coming home from missions and all that.... oh how time just flies by
-I did absolutely NO studying which was so nice, except for not good at the same time because I have a bio test today
-it was about 80 degrees the whole time and just gorgeous. I just love Colorado.
-Saturday night Jacove took me to Pinkberry and oh my heavens it is so so good! Utah should get one.
-Sunday after church we went to Chris' house for lunch which was super delicious and fun to see him and his dogs as well. Then it was off the the airport!
-On my flight back to Utah, I got FREE tv, yes FREE on the flight haha so I watched the Bronco's game of course.

It was such a great trip. I am so so glad that I went. Nothing is better than Colorado and seeing family. =]

But now it is back to reality... which has just been miserable. I had the headache of all headaches Monday and Tuesday which made it difficult to do anything. Which meant I didn't study. Which is not good. Because I have a test today I have to go take..... Plus tons and tons of homework that I've needed to do that I couldn't so now it is all backed up and due TOMORROW! What a pain.... So here I am blogging instead of doing homework or studying. Of course. Well, maybe now I will go do some homework, since all I did earlier was go through classes and plan out my schedule for next semester now that all of my credits have transfered and my AP scores are FINALLY here. I don't have much time today since tonight I am going to Rachel's choir concert... I guess I better go get started......

Monday, October 11, 2010

Walking down many many stairs in three inch heels is quite the task

Yesterday was Sunday. A great day in my life because I don't really do much. I went to church with Bekah though because she was teaching and she wanted me to go with her. So I did. It was great. And then in Relief Society, one of the teachers brought up my uncle who she just happens to be taking a class from this semester. Ha. What a small world I live in here in Provo. Then it was home for 3 hours of relaxation and napping before we went to Eric and Elaine's for dinner. I love this part of the week. It is always so much fun and Elaine makes amazing dinners. Yesterday was particularly fun, although I'm not sure what made it so different. But it was great. Then we watched the broadcast and sat out on Eric's wonderful front yard for a while to enjoy the sun a little more before it is full on winter and we no longer can go out. Such good times.

Today is shaping up to be interesting as well. It's Monday, which means it is a long day of school for me. Math, Biology, institute, and History. From 9:00 am till 2:00 pm I am here at school, attempting to get an education... except today. You see, right now I should be in math class. Taking a test in fact. Except for the fact that my teacher is crazy. She showed up almost 15 minutes late (and class is only 50 minutes long) and then informed us that if we wanted we could take the test in the testing center. If I had known that before I wouldn't have even showed up today! Oh well. I really just can't wait for that class to be over. So tomorrow, I have to find time in my crazy life to take the test. Joy. Except then I can take as long as I need on the 5 page test, because there is no limit in the testing center for how long you can take to take a test. Which is much better than trying to do the whole thing in 30 minutes. So I guess I should be grateful.

Now I get to go to Biology and have tons of information thrown at me and not understand much of any of it. Story of my life. It should be a good day though. Tomorrow I have a health test and then next week is my Bio test. Why is it that all of my tests always happen to be at the same time...... Oh college how you stress me out so often. I am pretty sure that sooner or later my brain might just actually explode because of all the information I am trying to cram in to it at one time. That'll be the day! Plus, on top of studying, I have to figure out where on earth my AP test scores are and why they are not showing up on my transcript, even though my bank account says I have been charged for them. Sometimes being an adult is such a pain.

Oh well, onward and upward right?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love starting my mornings with freezing cold showers....

It's been awhile, and everytime I think about blogging I have a million things to write about, except then I am never motivated enough or have enough time to write anything down. Story of my life. This past week has been insane. Last Saturday I watched conference and then had to go take a test... yes a test for school on a Saturday; welcome to college. I know I did other stuff that night but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Then, Sunday I had to go to conference at the Conference Center because my Uncle gave me tickets. It was great fun, my cousin and her friend also came. Then when we got back we had to set up for family dinner (just a tradition my mom's side of the family has every conference). Then after I came home and slept because I was so tired and had such a headache. Most of this week has been just a blur. Between work and school and homework, there is just no time in the day for a life. Wednesday though I went to the Gubernatorial Debate that was at UVU for a little bit between some of my classes and that was interesting. I don't follow politics much but it was an interesting experience to watch the candidates try to figure out what the audience wanted to hear. Last night I went to Bekah's because she is helping me with my math so I can maybe possibly pass the stupid class and then taught her to drive stick some more. She learns fast ha. Today, I slept till 10.... oh how I miss sleeping in! When I went to take a shower, I didn't realize that both the washer and washing machines were going taking all of the hot water and so I ended up with a super cold shower. I haven't had a shower like that since, well, since Outdoor Lab in sixth grade! I hate cold showers. And now I have to go to work all afternoon... luckily though I don't have to work after the BYU game and all its insaneness! Then, story of my life, I will be doing homework all night. It just never seems to end.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hard to Believe

It's so hard to believe that it is already the middle of September. I watched the sunset tonight. It wasn't even 7:30 yet and it was almost dark. I kind of miss the long days of summer but at the same time I am so excited for winter. I love when the leaves all change colors and I absolutely love snow. It is just spectacular.
It is also hard to believe that I am close to almost half way through my second year of college. Where the heck has time gone? Before I know it I am going to be super grown up and I don't know if I am quite ready for that. It also means that in seven months I will no longer be a teenager... =/ yikes. Then I will really be old.
It is hard to believe that exhaustion comes so easily and so quickly. And how it is never ending. I hate it. I wish there were more hours in the day so I would not feel so bad for sleeping so much to be able to function.
There are so many things that are just so hard to believe anymore. Life is so complex and crazy sometimes it is hard to keep everything straight. But, as insane and painful as it may be, I love it all. The good, the bad, and all the in between. Is that hard to believe? At times, absolutely.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today I had a strange realization. Well, maybe strange is not the right word to use. It is probably something that I should have realized a long time ago. Here is what happened:

I was sitting at home doing some homework and Camille called and needed me to go and help her with registration (she is in charge or the 4H after school program at an elementary school in Orem) because she was doing it by herself and there was a line out the door and it was still 20 minutes until it actually started. So I hurried on over there and helped her get everyone registered for different after school classes. Some of the classes filled up rather quick which created a bit of a problem. One mom was just so insistent that her son HAD to be in a certain class and even after explaining to her multiple times that there was no more room in the class, she just would not get it or chose a different class or anything. She just stayed there saying her son had to be in the class because it was the only one that he wanted to be in. I had no idea what to say to her anymore and Camille was so frustrated with her that she finally gave in sort of. Anyway, the details aren't whats important. Here is what I realized after all of this. Parents do so very much for us; always. They want what is best for us and want us to be happy so they are willing to do anything to make sure we are happy. Sometimes I think that we take that for granted a lot of time. We expect certain things, and want what we want and if it doesn't work out we have a tendency to blame our parents for things not going right, when in reality it isn't really their fault. There are so many other factors that we generally don't ever see or know about it's ridiculous. So, I've realized that we must take things as they come. In the words of Joseph B. Worthlin "Come what May and Love It." Even if it is not always what we want or expect. And, give your parents the benefit of the doubt per say and don't take it out on them when things don't go quite right. That was my realization of the day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey, thanks Angels and Airwaves

I went to the gym today. I was super sore from yesterday. Which meant it was going to be a rough workout. BUT! Have no fear! I had Angels and Airwaves to help get me through it. =] It was fabulous. And now I feel spectacular.

Let's see here..... Basically life is just super busy. I have school, which is way fun and way hard. Like today. I had my bio test which I thought I did decent on but turns out I did terribly =/ Not good. Hopefully the next one will be better. Oh well, it's over and done with and now I just have a test tomorrow and I'm pretty much done for the week! And did I mention I think that I have decided on a major? Well, I did! It's about time right?

I also decided today after going to the gym that I am going to run the Turkey Trot 4-miler again this November. Which means I'm going to have to start running again... Awesome. And, Camille wants to play basketball intramurals in the winter.Word! So it's on, to get in fabulous shape for this crazy events. Of course, basketball will only happen if we find more people for a team because we realized that all of our friends don't play sports. Ha. This should be interesting.

Yesterday was a sad day. Little Lucy Lou got hit by a car and died. =[ Poor little thing. It's been a sad 48 hours over here.

Today, I also became and active student! (ha, whatever that means....) Except it means that I was actively asking/answering questions. Go me! ha. AND! I got through and entire math assignment all by myself and completed every problem =] Woot! Oh school, what a pain.

But, the best part of this week is the fact that I have gone two days without having a headache (knock on wood). I hope I'm not jinxing myself here.....

Well it's back to studying... After all, I do have a test tomorrow and work. Joyous. Study, study, study!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eaten alive my gnats

Tonight I was practically eaten alive by gnats at Utah Lake. haha. Let me start at the beginning....

It is Monday. Since it is Monday, there is FHE. Something I am not used to because we almost never had it in Logan. Anyway. So Camille and I show up at the guys apartment and of course, we are the first ones there.... which was only slightly awkward for about 4.5 minutes. haha. Once everyone was there we were off! Four girls, one guy, one sweet $700 car that smelled like gasoline, and an adventure to Utah Lake.... and we only got lost twice. One time we ended up on the freeway and the other we went down a very long dirt road that led us to no where. Then we finally found the other car and the adventure continued! We all wandered down another long dirt road that led to the lake to hang out and in the midst of our walking, we realized there were hoards and hoards of gnats everywhere attacking us. When you would turn on a light then you would realize just how many there really were! It was so gross. At least they were not mosquitoes! We wandered down to the lake and some of the group tried to light these fireball golf balls on fire but they would not light to save their lives. It was kind of funny. So Camille and I proceeded to just chuck rocks into the lake for the heck of it and then two of the guys joined us and were rolling boulders down into it. You'd be surprised at how entertaining that can actually be! Bryce had brought his car over to where we were and I think he left a window open or something AND the light on because his car was literally FULL of nasty gnats. They covered the windows and everything. It was so gross. All ten of us piled on to and into the car including standing in the trunk and sitting on top of the car haha to drive back to the other car so we could eat treats and whatnot. (We were at the lake for a good hour and it was really fun even though it sounds like we didn't really do much). Anyway. After sitting in the car infested with gnats I felt like I was crawling with dead bugs because Bryce pretty much just smashed all of the gnats he possibly could. haha. It was a very fun entertaining FHE and I'm glad I went! Even if I did get eaten alive by stupid gnats at the lake.

Oh, and by the way. I'm pretty sure that I failed my math test today. And tomorrow I will probably fail my Biology test. Story of my life. Bleh.

AND!! Grey's Anatomy returns next week with Season Seven!!! Who's excited?? I sure am. NCIS also returns. Oh how I love fall television! =]

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to move. You are a sitting fire hazard."

Today we had Regional Stake Conference. Fortunately, Since I am a college student and attending a BYU ward, I got to attend at the Marriott Center where it was being broadcasted from. Here are a few highlights.....

*Since there were so many stakes (17 I believe was the number) at the Marriott Center it was quite the packed house. So many people and not enough seats so there were people standing everywhere. Camille and I were sitting right by an exit which was interesting. Some people tried to sit around different parts where there weren't seats, and one place in particular had a number of people cycle through. It was a little ledge right next to the stairs and people would sit there and then the Usher would tell them that they had to move. Then, more people would come and he would continue to tell them to move. At one point, I heard the Usher say, "Sir, I am going to have to ask you to move. You are a sitting fire hazard." I just thought it was so funny that he would say this guy was the fire hazard. haha. It was much more funny in person.

*There was this couple sitting in front of us who were so extremely obnoxious. They talked and messed around through the whole thing and Camille pointed out that even though thats how they were acting, they were both going to be married before we were haha. Anyway, then all of a sudden the guy cocks his arm back and the girl flips out and pulls it down super fast before he can do anything. He was going to chuck his arm wrapper at someone he knew who was sitting a distance away. I couldn't believe he was in freaking college.

*As I sat there in that arena that held some 22,700 students, I had a chance to watch all kinds of different people from all over the world. It was so interesting to watch one section at how much people move around and fidget (not sure how to spell it ha.) The more I watched or glanced, the more distracted I would get. You don't realize it, but people are constantly moving around so much it's so crazy!

*I also realized today I am so easily distracted. I knew this before because during class I aways get distracted by everything. But today I realized it even more so. People were getting up to leave early and I could not focus at all after that point. I hate being to distractable. It's such a pain.

*One thing that was nice was I just happened to be sitting in the dark and this was nice because I had a terrible headache. While I was sitting there in the dark, I noticed that a little over half of the arena still had the lights on. I found this quite interesting and began to think about how it applies to my life. I often find that I feel so in the dark about so many different things and that I am so alone. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, what I want to study in school, who I want to be or become, how I want things to end up, and so on. It always seems like everyone else has their lives all figured out, and I know this may not really be the case but often times it feels like it. I often, (nearly every day actually) wonder why I am so in the dark about why I am having to suffer so much right now. Why I can't have a sister who cares, why I have constant headaches that are the worst pain I have ever felt (yes, they are much worse than each time when I tore the ligaments in my ankle and could not walk whatsoever combined), why those headaches have to last all day long, why I have to feel like my body is 30 years older than me, especially when the barometer changes, because of the decisions that I made to follow my passion in high school, why I am always so ridiculously exhausted all day long, even after I have gotten a good nights sleep because my body and brain are working triple over time to compensate for the brain damage I have had. I always just want to know why me. I know that I really should not be asking this question, but I can't help it. So, here I sit, in so much darkness that it is almost overwhelming. But, at that same time that I feel so overwhelmed and in the dark, I can still see somewhat, because I can see enough to write on my paper or know what the people around me are doing. So maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe. I would hope so. But I sure do hope that that tunnel is coming to an end very quickly because I don't think I can hold my breath much longer. (Know that game, when you were little and would go on road trips and anytime you went through a tunnel you would hold your breath and see who could last the longest? Ya, I used to play that game all of the time with my brothers and sister and NEVER win.) Maybe I will win this time though. I sure hope so.

After all of these things, I had quite the afternoon because I had such a horrendous headache all day long I just wanted to curl up in a ball and die. I hate when they get that bad because there is nothing that I can do to make it go away except wait it out. And most of the time, it takes hours and hours and I can hardly focus on anything or do anything to full capacity. It is such a pain. Sometimes I kind of just wish that I had a brain tumor or something so that they can just cut out the pain and then it will all be over with and I won't have to deal with it anymore. But, I'm pretty sure that is not the case.

Now, I am going to go finish my movie (The Time Travelers Wife) and get my self to bed because I just happen to have THREE, yes three major tests this week in school, including one at 9:00 am tomorrow. What a pain.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Off to go man the fort alone. With the DM's son....

Today I had to work. It was lame. Four and a half hours and we only made $83. That should tell you how slow it was. And, I was making a frozen yogurt and the stuff exploded all over me. What a pain. Anyway, I was talking to someone, I can't for the life of me remember who though, but I was telling them I had to go to work and I said, "I'm off to go man the fort, alone. With the DM's son...." and then I realized what exactly came out of my mouth. It was the most off statement. Because I wasn't going to be alone at work. But I also wasn't going to be alone with the DM's son. Hahaha. I think I was thinking I was off to work and for some reason I said alone, but then I remembered that Taylor was working too which is why I added that. ha. Sometimes I just say the weirdest things. But, while at work, I skinned a frozen turkey. With my hands. Then proceeded to shred that same turkey. Got stuck in the freezer while putting away cookie dough. Washed probably 30 cookie sheets. Scrubbed down the grill. Cleaned both bathrooms (why do boys bathrooms smell so odd??). Cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more. Yes, there was a lot of cleaning in my day. What a joy.

This week has been so crazy. I realized I should probably clean something up from my previous post. I AM NOT DEPRESSED. I am taking anti-depression medication for my head. The concussion specialists (Drs. Rich and Snider) that I went to see earlier this week were so stumped as to what to do to help me that it took them a few minutes of thinking before they could even think of something to try. Thats when anti-depression meds came up. I guess they are supposed to help with the neurotransmitters in your brain (how that helps I have no idea) but I am no doctor so I said give me the prescription and I'll give it a try! I mean, at this point it can't hurt and I am up for anything these days. What can it hurt right? So when I went to get the meds from the pharmacy, the pharmacist gave me a very long speech about the meds and seemed to think I must be suicidal or something. It gave me quite a laugh.

Next week, I have three tests. Math, biology, and health. I am so not excited about this. Math is just math so blah. Bio is over four chapters and my teacher goes so wicked fast that it's hard to comprehend everything during class and what not. And there are SO MANY TERMS!! So many that I just don't know what to do with myself. Health will be a pretty easy test though so I'm not too worried about that one. I guess we'll see what happens. Oh the joys of school.

The weather is starting to cool down into wondrous autumn weather and I absolutely love it. I can't wait for the leaves to start changing colors. =]

Well, Camille and I are going to a movie. Plus I have nothing more to say right now because my head is starting to hurt. Maybe this movie isn't a good idea? Oh well, I'm going any.... I've learned to live and just suffer through all my pain. What a pain it is.
Till next time.....

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today, Dr. Rich and Dr. Snider, (two doctors who make me laugh and are super awesome), put me on anti-depressant medication.... Here's to hoping that it actually works.

School is out of control fun and busy. I am really enjoying my classes for the most part, despite the fact that some of them are wicked hard.

I finally found my maid of honor dress yesterday as well. And, it was only $30! That's a steal!

It has been determined as well, that I absolutely love my institute class. It's ridiculously amazing and Brother Monson is such a fabulous teacher. I am really excited about it.

Provo is also really starting to grow on me. I think maybe I'll be okay living here for a couple of years. Who knows though.... only time shall tell.

Work is also really fun. Today it got extremely busy and chaotic, but it was spectacularly fun. I am really enjoying it.

Today I decided that I really want/need to go on a vacation. A real vacation. I don't know the last time I actually had a real one. But, that will never happen.

I also realized that all of these tidbits are coming in two liners. I guess that is what I am full of today. 2 liners.

Tomorrow is a new day. Who knows what it shall hold. Well, other than antidepressants, ridiculous amounts of school and homework, and a dollar movie.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Do you ever feel as if you have just disappeared or have been completely forgotten? It seems a lot lately that that has become my life. It's as if unless you are physically right in front of someone, then it's as if you do not even exist. It's not a pleasant feeling I've decided. It's as if you try and try and try to remain unforgotten, but you are just not important enough or you are just so inconsequential that it doesn't even matter how hard you try. No matter what you do in your life, or what you accomplish or how hard you try, there will always be sisters who just forget and don't care about you, who make promises endlessly and don't keep a single one and let you down time after time, and don't even show up to your own graduation. It's as if you have never even existed to them and they don't even care about you. There will be brothers who move and get busy with their own lives that there isn't time for you anymore because California and Colorado and school and work and girls are more important than you are or than you have ever been it seems. You move away from home and all of a sudden you are alone, in so many more ways than ever before.

Do you ever feel that way? Because I do.
It seems to be never ending.

Next Up

okay, I have to admit, I really do not want to write about this one so I think I am just going to omit the Ex-Boyfriend day and pretend I wrote it.... haha. I figure there is no need to recount things from the past that ended up hurting so much.

Anyway, today is a beautiful day AND IT'S A THREE DAY WEEKEND!! whatever shall I do with myself?? Time for some sweet relaxation and then homework (because it's taking over my life).

Happy Labor Day weekend!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A stranger

I could fill this post will tons of stories of strangers from the past two days. After starting my new job I have come in contact with many strangers, most of which have made working so much fun because they are so entertaining to talk to. But, I think I will talk about my institute stranger instead (even though there is not a whole lot to this story).

Wednesday I went to institute and learned that I am absolutely going to love my class. I have such an amazing teacher and the class is really fun too. Anyway, that's beside the point. So since it was my first day, as well as about 10 other peoples, the teacher, Brother Monson, had us introduce ourselves. We had to say our name, where we were from, if we were available or not (seriously) and one interesting fact about ourselves. It was quite entertaining because most people forgot to answer the most important question so Bro. Monson would look at them and be like, "So is that a yes or no?" and being the crazy awesome Mormon's that we are, we knew and understood exactly what he meant and was referring to. Highly awesome. Let's just say there are some very attractive guys in my class who all just happen to be single... Oh the joys of Utah!
Anyway, so there was a kid sitting behind me and I can't for the life of me remember his name, but he introduced himself and we learned that he has 6 younger sisters who he absolutely adores. When we were singing the opening song I didn't use a hymn book because I knew all the words and I guess he noticed because he asked me how I knew the words without looking.... Then, we didn't talk for the rest of class but after, I went and talked to the teacher for a second, and as I was walking out of the institute building, he was all of a sudden right next to me and was like hey I like your backpack! and then got all awkward and silent haha. It was quite the awkward moment for about 47 seconds. Haha. Anyway, so I was walking to the library because I had about an hour between then and when my next class was so I'm just walking along not really paying attention when I notice that he is following me to the library! At first I thought nothing of it but then he was sitting in the same general area as me and so I thought maybe I should say hi again or something but then I realized I had to get to class and so I left..... and no he did not follow me this time.
I don't know why I felt like writing about this particular guy, but it just made me laugh and I though it was interesting and I don't want to forget about it so what better place to write about it than here on this fabulously wonderful blog of mine! ;)

Oh, and the institute dance is tonight! Who knows, maybe I'll see him there! Ha.