Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today I had a strange realization. Well, maybe strange is not the right word to use. It is probably something that I should have realized a long time ago. Here is what happened:

I was sitting at home doing some homework and Camille called and needed me to go and help her with registration (she is in charge or the 4H after school program at an elementary school in Orem) because she was doing it by herself and there was a line out the door and it was still 20 minutes until it actually started. So I hurried on over there and helped her get everyone registered for different after school classes. Some of the classes filled up rather quick which created a bit of a problem. One mom was just so insistent that her son HAD to be in a certain class and even after explaining to her multiple times that there was no more room in the class, she just would not get it or chose a different class or anything. She just stayed there saying her son had to be in the class because it was the only one that he wanted to be in. I had no idea what to say to her anymore and Camille was so frustrated with her that she finally gave in sort of. Anyway, the details aren't whats important. Here is what I realized after all of this. Parents do so very much for us; always. They want what is best for us and want us to be happy so they are willing to do anything to make sure we are happy. Sometimes I think that we take that for granted a lot of time. We expect certain things, and want what we want and if it doesn't work out we have a tendency to blame our parents for things not going right, when in reality it isn't really their fault. There are so many other factors that we generally don't ever see or know about it's ridiculous. So, I've realized that we must take things as they come. In the words of Joseph B. Worthlin "Come what May and Love It." Even if it is not always what we want or expect. And, give your parents the benefit of the doubt per say and don't take it out on them when things don't go quite right. That was my realization of the day.