Sunday, November 28, 2010

Favorite Movie+snow

Okay, so the next topic on the list.... my favorite movie. This is a difficult question because I have so many. The most recent movie I have seen in theaters that is my favorite now is probably Unstoppable with Chris Pine and Denzel Washington. Sooooo so so so so good. I definitely will be buying that one when it comes out on DVD. 
I really just love almost any chick flick too, obviously. Haha. Some of the most recent ones that I've watched and loved, Sweet Home Alabama, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Dear John, R.E.D. Oh man. Along with the chick flicks are action movies. R.E.D. is definitely a hilarious one. Go see it. Right now. Along with Unstoppable. :) 

Last night, it FINALLY snowed here in Provo. We were suppossed to get tons of snow last Tuesday but it never came.But when I woke up this morning there was probably at least a good inch and it just made me happy. I love snow oh so much. Keep on comin snow! I'd be okay with getting enough to cancel classes, even if there are only two weeks before finals... :/ yikes. I guess I better get studying! 
Happy Sunday!