Sunday, January 30, 2011

Falling off the face of Africa

A random title for a post full of randomness:

-Sunday's are seriously such great days. I always go to my Aunt and Uncles for early dinner and it is so entertaining. The past couple of weeks Sam (my cousin) has loved to play hide and seek and have me chase him around the house. It is highly entertaining. Then today after about 10 rounds of that, we all played Clue. It was so much fun and Sam beat everyone haha. It is so great to live close to family and everything. 

-Have I mentioned that I have the greatest parents? Cause I do. They are wonderful. They are paying for me to go to school, the help me out with money all the time, they bought my plane tickets for me to go to Florida for Spring break, they are just awesome. The support me in everything I do no matter what and it is so great. I haven't always recognized that in them but recent conversations with people have made me realize how lucky I am and how wonderful they are. 

-Speaking of family, I am getting probably the world's most awesome sister in law in August. Nereida is so much fun to be around and is seriously amazing. I admire her so much and am so so happy she is joining our family. Bryan is a pretty great brother too ;)

-It is almost February, which is insane but at the same time I'm ready for it! January has seemed to just drag on for forever. Maybe it's because school started so much earlier than I am used to but it been January for so long! I am ready for a change. Plus, February is a short month which means it'll be March and Spring Break before I know it! Yessss!

-Currently I am having a debate with myself about what new phone I should get. My upgrade is next week and my two front runner options are the new iPhone 4 or the Droid Incredible. I have to decide before Thursday as well because if I go with the iPhone then I have to order it Thursday when it become available. Oh decisions decisions. Sometimes I feel like I make some of the stupidest, most meaningless decisions out to be so much more difficult than they really ever needed to me. This would be one of those times. 

-And finally a quote from Elder Neal A. Maxwell:
"The gospel requires us to yield our minds as well as bend our knees. Minds are often more arthritic than knees."

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feeling like an old maid much?

Today I had the great chance to catch up with my wonderful friend Megan. We were roommates together when I was going to school in Logan and she is from Pleasant Grove. She came down for the weekend and we were able to hang out for a couple of hours and catch up. 

Me and Megan up in Logan last year

We played this sweet game on the Wii but I can't for the life of me remember what it is called but basically we copied all the dance moves on the screen and it is such a workout! Haha but so much fun. I love this girl, she is so awesome and it was so great to catch up on life since we haven't seen each other since around Thanksgiving. Crazy! Anyway, we ended up talking about boys... of course... and a little about marriage and life and all that jazz. It made me think a bit about my life. 

According to Mormon standards, especially Utah Country Mormon standards, I fear I may be getting to be close to the age of an old maid. hahahahaha. I'm almost 20 and not engaged or married. I'm not even dating any potential possibilities. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE being single and just enjoying life and doing my own thing right now and I definitely do not feel like I am anywhere near ready to be married or anything, but sometimes it feels like sooner rather than later the judgements will be coming like fiery darts from every direction. Oh joy. But seriously. Why is it that it seems like the world is getting married these days? If I were my sister I would be about to get married at this point in my life. Plus, so many of my friends and people I went to high school with are married or about to be married this year. 
I fear I may need to move out of Utah if I do not get married soon. Haha. Where are all the good guys?!!? Oh wait, I know. MARRIED. 

Hey prince charming guess what, I'll wait. I'm not ready for you to come riding in on your white horse just yet. 

But world, please don't judge me for not wanting to get married so young :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Is six weeks too early to begin a countdown?

Yes, six weeks from tomorrow I will be on my way to FLORIDA! Oooooooooh yes. You read that right. Florida. It is going to be one heck of a spring break for sure!
I am pretty sure that school is going to be the death of me. I am so exhausted and it is only a few weeks in to the semester. It's Friday night and I am ready for bed. Plus I spent like an hour of my night reading through medical records with Nana that were highly entertaining at times haha. Tomorrow is going to be a Saturday full of homework, cleaning, and going to Rachel's basketball game. Should be a great day..... sort of. Why is it that school is so exhausting? Like mind numbingly exhausting. So exhausting in fact that I can't even think straight right now. Which means it is time to go to bed......

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rhetorical Analysis Overload

day 4: a photo of your night.

Yep. Instead of going to the basketball game tonight, I stayed home and worked on the above..... Nasty homework. mostly I just wrote a 5 page rhetorical analysis..... and it kicked my freaking trash. My brain is now seriously fried and I can't even think straight. Maybe I should stop procrastinating so much? Ya that would probably be a good idea but it most likely will not happen. So, my nights will look like this much more often. Except not so neat and organized because generally things are sprawled all over my bed, desk, and floor as I try to do homework, especially papers that I have to use outside sources for. Phew. I need a break now. Time for some good old sleep. Maybe I'll have great dreams like I did last night...I've deserved it right? I think so. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How did I forget this!

I was looking at the past couple of posts and realized I left off one of my most favorite tv shows!! How on earth could I forget about the Vampire Diaries!?! Plus, there is a new episode on tomorrow night. eek! Here is a photo go add.... and now its back to homework! bleh.

Because this would happen to me

This is what I get for trying to be on time to class today while crossing almost the entire campus.....
I forgot to take a picture of my sweatshirt before I threw it in the washer but I was covered in mud as were my hands and shoes and somehow it also got in my hair.

 Sad backpack no longer pretty and white :(

Ugh. I am so sick of winter now. It needs to go away so the mud will freaking go away. 
Today I almost died of embarrassment. I'm hustling across campus between classes so I can be on time to my psych class and I'm walking across this little shortcut dealio and this kid in front of me slides a little on the grass and threw his arm back for balance and me being me tried to dodge it so I didn't get a face full of fist and as soon as I did that and took my next step I was laid flat out on my back. Like stepping on a freaking banana peel in a cartoon. To make it worse it was in between classes which meant there were a TON of people out there who witnessed it. It was mortifying. So I stood up and attempted to walk the other direction across campus and three parking lots to get to my car to go home. It was so uncomfortable. And my tail bone hurts. I hope my backpack comes clean. :( How pathetic is that, that what I am most concerned about is my backpack. ha. wow. Anyway. To spread my humiliation further, I am posting this in here. Ya, I know it was pretty funny, but of course this is something that would happen to me. And on a day where I am in a good mood nonetheless. Boo. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An interesting life I lead

Except not. My life is pretty boring these days. haha. I feel like all I ever do is school school school! And I am ALWAYS so so tired. I hate it. So there is school, the gym, school, homework, and 4H once a week. Ha. Oh what a life I live. 
Anyway, school is kicking my butt and it is still just January. Ugh. This is going to be a very long semester I can just tell. I do love my classes though. They are great and interesting and very difficult. Hopefully I survive it. I feel like college can be a waste of time. I mean seriously, when am I going to use Geology EVER in my life?!? I think   a degree can and should be earned in just two years. It would be so much better because that would mean that by May I would be DONE with college. But instead I have two more long looooooong years. 
Today was such a weird day. I woke up feeling weird and then life was just weird. I went upstairs to get breakfast and it was just a little cloudy outside. Then, awhile later when I went upstairs to leave for school, it was snowing so hard! It was like a blizzard whiteout. But by the time I got to school it was not snowing at all and there wasn't even snow on the ground. It was only a little wet. So weird. Then off and on all day the snow came and went and I don't even remember a lot of the day. So weird. Now I am completely exhausted yet still have homework to do and I just don't want to. 
Well I guess I'll go do some reading. Bleh school. Never ever ending school. 

where are the turtles. where are the turtles. where are they!

day 3 a picture of the cast from your favorite tv show.

Well I have multiple... but here are my top two. Grey's Anatomy:

and The Office!

and a fabulous Dwight Schrute quote to go along.... because he is my favorite :)

"Excuse me, I have an announcement to make. We seem to be missing a box of chocolate turtles with pecans and we will not be leaving the premises until we obtain them. HAND. OVER. THE. TURTLES. NOW!"
      -dwight schrute

Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking back to the past

day 2:  A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

Okay so there are two people.... Bekah and I have been friends since we were in Achievement Days. So I think around 10 years. She is so great and is such a great listener. She is practically like my sister. But now she is married..... haha.  

Then there is Laura! We have been best friends since sophomore year of high school. We met in English class when we bonded over our hatred of poetry and annoyance of our teacher. She is so funny.It sucks she goes to school in Wyoming BUT we are going to Florida together over Spring Break this year. Last year she came out here for break and it was way great. We have shared so many insanely crazy memories I can't even begin to list them. Love you girl!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

thirty photos.

as an attempt to start taking more pictures....
day 1: a photo of yourself with ten facts about you.

just because this picture is awesome. it's from when i was a leader at outdoor lab my junior year with Laura. great times :)
and in no particular order....
1. I hate white socks. I hate them. I don't wear them ever either. ever.
2. I love Grey's Anatomy, The Office, NCIS, and CSI. 
3. I love music. all kinds.
4. I live with my Nana and it seriously is the best. She is so wonderful.
5. I want to travel. A lot. Everywhere. But I need money.....
6. My best friend goes to school in Wyoming.... and we are going to Florida in March!
7. I'm a Behavioral Science major at Utah Valley University and loving living in Provo.
8. I love to laugh. And I laugh a lot. Some might say it is even contagious ;)
9. Basketball is my favorite sport. And I am a huge Nuggets fan.
10. I change my hair a lot because I can never decide what color I like's never ending.  

Monday, January 10, 2011

Funny things always seem to happen in Provo. Lately it seems I am always running in to people from my past it is so crazy! Classes started last week and I really enjoy almost all of my classes (my geology class isn't that great just because it really doesn't interest me that much...darn GE's). Anywho, I am taking English 2010, which just might kill me because it is going to be SO hard and a TON of work constantly, History, Geology, Marriage and Family Relationship Skills, and Sociology of the Family. I really enjoy the classes and the teachers. I think this is going to be a good semester. Anyway, back to the small world. In my English class just happens to be my visiting teacher from last year up in Logan! Crazy haha. She is great. Then in my Institute class is a girl from my ward and my FHE group. Then tonight while Camille and I were at the gym, we ran in to our Stake President and then as we were living I ran in to Tausha Tripp on the stairs! Oh Provo, you never cease to surprise me haha. How crazy life can be. I love how I put my schedule this semester too because I don't start classes each day till 10 am and let me tell you, it is SO SO SO GREAT! Just that extra hour of sleep is so perfect and makes getting up that much easier. I have a feeling this is going to be a fabulous year :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Californ-I A

So over Christmas break we went to California and let me tell you, it was SO AMAZING and so much fun. Seeing Bryan and meeting Nereida was fabulous. Here are some pictures from the trip. One day we went to Huntington Beach (Bryan got lost on the way there because he wasn't paying attention and so we ended up in Newport Beach at first haha) We had dinner with Trevyn and his family one night, one night dinner with Nereida's family, and just lots of hanging out and enjoying being with each other. It seriously was such a great trip. Even finding nasty spiders and bugs in Bryan's apartment were worth the trip. It rained all day one day which was fine because we just went out to eat and did some shopping for Bryan and hung out. I wish we could have stayed longer but I guess I'll just have to wait till August to go back. :) It will be much nicer around then anyway which means some serious beach time!

Bryan is such a punk haha

CRAZY surfers haha

family! (well at least part of it)

so it was kind of windy that day... the day before the rain. but it was still so great

I believe this is the Newport Beach temple... it is SO gorgeous 

whilst trying to make Bryan smile for a picture my dad was taking pictures anyway haha


best we could get


delicious food on the pier!

Cute Nereida and her cousin who is hilarious.
*Isn't she SO pretty!*

Ryan Bryan and Conley

Bryan messin with Chaz haha

I can't exactly remember but I think this is the Redlands temple

Nereida's cousin and Aunt

mom and Ana, Nereida's mom

everyone at dinner after some games.... they are seriously so great and fun

looking at wedding dresses!! Nereida wanted to show us some ideas she was thinking for her dress but didn't want Bryan to see haha. (I never realized that that shirt make me look pregnant hahaha)

I don't remember what was happening here but it was right before we left

Bryan's fish tank with new fish!

Overall it was so great to be out in California. I just love being with family. Immediate, extended, and soon to be family. It is all just so great. :) Can't wait till the next time!!