Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I can't believe I am about to do this

Okay, so the next topic is: post a YouTube video you find funny.
I seriously can't believe I am going to do this. Because it is highly embarrassing
This just shows the ridiculousness of my Freshmen year of college. And how crazy awesome Jessi and Sarah are. 
Anyway, they really just make me bust up laughing except you will probably think that they are so stupid but that is okay. I guess if you lived with us last year and experienced our insaneness they would make sense and might be funny... but probably not. I have so many things that I could say about them but I think I will just keep it to myself because there are too many for me to even begin writing down. 
The shorter one is supposed to be first but oh well. It is also the one where we are talking about Bed Bath and Beyond.... we were going in search of a wedding gift for a friend who was getting married. and don't judge our voices... we practiced and practiced those and often talked like that to each other, especially late at night while trying to fall asleep. ha even longer story.
The longer video is after we picked up Sarah from art and we were getting ice cream in the freezing cold to make milkshakes. Epicness if I do say so myself. Oh such wonderful times.

Remember, DON'T JUDGE ME! :)

pretty sure we had some of the best times together :)