Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flowers 'n Squeeze 'n Stuff

1. I have THE greatest mom in the world. She is in the Young Womens presidency in our ward and they had a little overnight retreat Wednesday to Thursday. Today, being Thursday and the bulk of their retreat, I was home alone all day, and of course, got extremely sick from the anesthesia and Lortab. Very very ill. Multiple episodes of vomiting followed by a very intense dizzy feeling, and a great feeling of wanting everything I can't have, but not being hungry at all. It was such a great day, NOT. My dear sweet mommy came home around lunch time with a delicious treat from Sonic that helped, and she made me some mac'n'cheese which was delicious and made sure I was going to be okay before she went back to the retreat. Then she came home tonight and washed my sheets on my bed for me and made me delicious dinner and a milkshake. Soooo good =] Love you mommy dear!!

2. My brother is super awesome as well. He texted me yesterday to make sure I was doing okay, and then he came over today to do a couple of things and get his dogs and he brought me my favorite from Squeeze. Orange cream slush anyone? So good. Then he proceeded to help me figure out stuff for finding books for next year. Thanks Chris! (Bryan is also great because he has texted me multiple times from California to check on me and see how things are going. I'm so lucky to have great brothers.)

3. There is this best friend of mine, well actually two. Laura brought me ice cream last night when I was completely out of it after she got back from Wyoming, and the sweet Bekah came over unexpectedly tonight with flowers and a card and her loving self to check on me and chat and see how things were going. We talked wedding plans and caught up a little and vented a bit about life before she had to go, but even in her busy schedule she was able to fit me in and be spectacular! I knew there was a reason they are my best friends! Robin and Melissa have also checked in on me through phone calls and texts the past two days, knowing that I was going to probably have a bad reaction to pain killers or something. They are great. Robin and I have an ice cream date next week which I can't wait for since I have to leave next week =[ Sad day. But all in all, I have great friends.

Overall, today was pretty sucky. Yesterday I slept most of the day because of the anesthesia and today I was just super sick all day and my mom and I decided it was because of the Lortab. Awesome fun. I feel pretty lucky though because I really have not had much of any swelling at all except just a little on one side. And the pain has been very tolerable... so far. We'll see if it all lasts. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so I sure better be feeling better when I wake up! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


At times I feel like the world is spinning so fast I just can't keep up. I look up at the sky and the clouds seem to be moving a lighting speed; moving so quickly in fact that I can't seem to make out what any of the shapes are anymore. Is that bad? I think that that is bad. My life is moving at warp speed and I do not like it one bit. One minute I am in one place, and the next I am somewhere so completely different that I don't know how I got there. This is not okay with me. I need a pause button, or a slow motion button for life because this spinning out of control business is getting to be too much for me.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sometimes, growing up and being an adult is such a pain.
Sometimes, I want to go back to being a little kid when boys had cooties and everyone was your friend.
Sometimes, I want to go back to elementary school where school was actually easy, before things got complicated.
Sometimes, I want to go back to the times when there was a full house of siblings, that even though you argued all the time, you knew they actually cared about you then.
Sometimes, I want to go back to middle school where basketball was fun, before all the injuries started.
Sometimes, I want to go back to high school before the concussions ruined everything.
Sometimes, I just wish that growing up wasn't so difficult, that there weren't so many decisions to be mad like what my major should be, what classes to take, how to pay for school, where to get a job, how to manage all my time because life is getting crazy, etc.

But how? How do we go back?
I guess that sometimes, we just have to keep our chins up and figure out how to wake up everyday and move forward.
Sometimes, we just have to accept that life is never going to be what it used to be; that from now on, you are just on your own.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh sun, I love you.

And so the sunburn-eth returns.....

This is where I spent about 9 hours at today..... Chatfield Lake! So so so much fun. except for the fact that I forgot to keep putting on sun screen so my face is a little toasty red and I somehow managed to get a weird line down part of my leg so I have a very awkward interesting burn on my shin as well.... just the way I like it! ha. Overall it was a fabulous day and then I came home and went and got a manicure and pedicure with my mom and now I am just pooped and ready to crash. Quick shower then bed since tomorrow is an early morning and a looooong long day? I think I just might. =]

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The adventures of Laura and Lindsay

Sometimes I wonder about the things Laura and I do.... haha. Since she is only home for 3 1/2 days at a time, there isn't a ton of time to do stuff, but we manage to anyway. We went to Lookout Mountain on night, a Rockies game, downtown Littleton.... and more. Here are a few pictures to recap some of the adventures where we remembered to take pictures ha.


Table Mountain I believe

Denver =]

Rockies game! (where we ran into/sat behind some interesting people and it was a very interesting Friday night.)

Crazy clouds

I love love love Coors field

The fireworks...... next time I am for sure getting tickets in the RockPile so I can sit on the field for fireworks! haha

This was a way legit fireworks show..... 16th row seats plus an amazing fireworks show all for way cheap= a great night

Goin' to the movies..... before the crazy little Chinese fire drill between the two of us that took place INSIDE my car haha. (Sometimes it's better to just not ask questions when it comes to the things we do ;) )

Drivin' around

We found this crazy little swing on Main Street in downtown Littleton

Creepy tree by the swing haha

and then there was the wind....

and so we decided to just start making weird faces....

what was weird was that we were making very similar faces without even planning it

She was gettin too friendly with the lamp post haha

Well okay then.

$80 wheels... what the! ha

Ya, so we take pictures in the middle of the street for the heck of it haha

and right after this picture I turned to the right and there was a cop coming at me... kinda creepy

All in all we have had some fun times, but the summer is going by soooo fast. It is already almost the end of July and it is so hard to believe. And after today, I am exhausted once again. I guess four miles around the lake and then 45 minutes of hard core-ness at the gym will do that to you.


While you were out....

So last week my parents and Chris went to Utah for 9 days and left me here to deal with all the animals..... what an adventure that was. HA! Three dogs and a cat later combined with a chaotic busy schedule that hardly left me home to deal with it meant pure exhaustion. It all started with me babysitting the Anderson's 4 kids for 5 days (Wednesday-Monday). Saturday night I came home to check on the dogs and discovered all three of them sitting in my front yard at 10:00 pm. Sunday morning I discovered their brilliant escape route.... They chewed a hole in the freaking fence. I told Chris and he came to see if he could put stuff up to keep the dogs from getting out until they could come home and fix it. I thought that worked..... until I get a call Tuesday from my next door neighbor saying Jada was out front; what a pain. Tuesday and Thursday all day I went up to Girl's Camp to help out with some stuff and I was so exhausted I am surprised I survived the drive. I also went up there Wednesday morning for a couple of hours before going home to babysitt for 5 hours. Wednesday I finally had a couple of hours to rest and boy was it needed since I had to drive back down to camp Thursday. Friday there was more babysitting and swimming with the dear children. Saturday I had to work all day and then Laura and I went out and about to downtown Littleton.... more on that later. hahaha. So while everyone was gone, I hit complete exhaustion where my body just would not even function anymore and every emotion I have ever felt was flooding me like crazy for hours, the darn puppy Bailey chewed up half of the solar lights in the back yard, they chewed a hole in the fence, Bailey chewed a hole through a METAL fence, Jada somehow found tons of wood to chew on everyday, the rug in my room became covered in dog hair, I got kicked out of my bed like 50 times by all three dogs because they felt the need to take over, I woke up way too early every day because they wouldn't leave me alone and stop licking me until I let them out, I cleaned the house and made dinner for the parents for when they came home, and all in all, I really enjoyed the quiet that I did have. =] What a week.

Cute Jada after she was attacking the hose
Ya, she makes me laugh because she sleeps in such funny positions

Somehow I managed to get my car keys stuck in my trunk..... probably because I was in such a hurry all week

The hole they chewed in the fence (you can see stuff in the background to try to keep the dogs from getting through again).

The hole Bailey chewed through the METAL fence... crazy dog.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pretty much....

So pretty much I have these brothers who are just awesome. Best. Siblings. Ever. (for the most part haha). Even though we don't really live by each other any more they still take care of me and are just great. Chris always is checkin in on me to see how things are going and has me watch his dogs and what not ha and is just great. And even Bryan from all the way in California still checks in on me a lot to make sure that things are going well and that I am doing well and that I'm staying out of trouble. Tonight he sent me a text to tell me to make sure to be careful and stay out of trouble since it's the 4th and all. It's nice to just be able to talk to them. It hasn't always been like this but I am grateful that I have 2 brothers now who are good friends to me. I've always been jealous of friends who have those older brothers who take care of them and are protective of them, but I have that once again and I am so glad that I do. I know that when I am in Utah, even though Chris is in Colorado and Bryan is in California, that they would do anything for me and protect me from anyone and everything if need be. They are just excellent brothers and I am so lucky to have them in my life. :)

This is why I love him haha
Yup, pretty much best brothers ever. :)