Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh Thanksgiving

So here is my attempt of writing more frequently here.... another list type dealio of topics to write about. Today's: make a bullet list of everything that happened in your day. Well this will be oh so fun because today was THANKSGIVING! I just love Thanksgiving, the one day of the year to completely stuff your face and not really feel guilty about it. I swear today I ate soooo much. Here is the list:

*I woke up around 11 (yesterday I woke up at noon.... this is why I love holidays!)
*Drank a glass of chocolate milk so that I would still be hungry for massive amounts of food later
*Watched some fabulous T.V. while getting ready
*Made my hair super cute while knowing that after a few hours it would be nearly straight.
*Went to Eric and Elaine's for dinner!
*Helped Rachel make more delicious food and finish setting up for the feast!
*Took some pictures
*Ate insane amounts of food 
*Watched a movie with the family while digesting food in preparation for desert.
*Did dishes and cleaned up
*Ate some uh-maze-ing deserts. 
*Came home and laid out on the floor for nearly two hours while watching more movies because I couldn't move
*Now I'm here... writing this while dying of laughter because I just love late night television.Seriously great stuff. Sooo entertaining, especially those amazing Roots! :) 
*Now, I am going to bed because I am exhausted from a day full of eating! 
*Here is my favorite picture of the day as well. I love this cute cousin of mine :)