Monday, September 13, 2010

Eaten alive my gnats

Tonight I was practically eaten alive by gnats at Utah Lake. haha. Let me start at the beginning....

It is Monday. Since it is Monday, there is FHE. Something I am not used to because we almost never had it in Logan. Anyway. So Camille and I show up at the guys apartment and of course, we are the first ones there.... which was only slightly awkward for about 4.5 minutes. haha. Once everyone was there we were off! Four girls, one guy, one sweet $700 car that smelled like gasoline, and an adventure to Utah Lake.... and we only got lost twice. One time we ended up on the freeway and the other we went down a very long dirt road that led us to no where. Then we finally found the other car and the adventure continued! We all wandered down another long dirt road that led to the lake to hang out and in the midst of our walking, we realized there were hoards and hoards of gnats everywhere attacking us. When you would turn on a light then you would realize just how many there really were! It was so gross. At least they were not mosquitoes! We wandered down to the lake and some of the group tried to light these fireball golf balls on fire but they would not light to save their lives. It was kind of funny. So Camille and I proceeded to just chuck rocks into the lake for the heck of it and then two of the guys joined us and were rolling boulders down into it. You'd be surprised at how entertaining that can actually be! Bryce had brought his car over to where we were and I think he left a window open or something AND the light on because his car was literally FULL of nasty gnats. They covered the windows and everything. It was so gross. All ten of us piled on to and into the car including standing in the trunk and sitting on top of the car haha to drive back to the other car so we could eat treats and whatnot. (We were at the lake for a good hour and it was really fun even though it sounds like we didn't really do much). Anyway. After sitting in the car infested with gnats I felt like I was crawling with dead bugs because Bryce pretty much just smashed all of the gnats he possibly could. haha. It was a very fun entertaining FHE and I'm glad I went! Even if I did get eaten alive by stupid gnats at the lake.

Oh, and by the way. I'm pretty sure that I failed my math test today. And tomorrow I will probably fail my Biology test. Story of my life. Bleh.

AND!! Grey's Anatomy returns next week with Season Seven!!! Who's excited?? I sure am. NCIS also returns. Oh how I love fall television! =]