Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two things....

1. Sometimes I wonder why I go work out.... oh yah, that beach bod thing.... ha. But after working out last night I feel like death today. My legs and butt hurt beyond belief and I do not like it one bit. Maybe that's why I had a hard time getting up today. hmmmm....

2. I HATE THIS SNOW! Just a few days ago it was GORGEOUS. I was loving the amazing warmth and awesome sun. Then, today, it decides that since it is March 31 it needs to dump. This is so stupid. I am just ready for Spring. Bleh. I went to get Sarah from her art class tonight and I had to wipe loads of snow off my car before I could leave which was pointless because then the snow would just cover the windows again. Tomorrow is April. Can't it just be nice weather now? Please?
Here are just a few pictures of my car tonight.... and the snow.

Ha, on a random note (yes I know this is more than 2 things). Sarah and I have the most random and strange conversations. I just asked her how on earth 1/.5 equals 2 and the way she explained it was by asking what 2 times 5 was (which is 10, yes I know) and somehow that just made it all so clear to me. I don't even know why I asked the question in the first place. ha. Oh goodness. What has college done to me......

Spring maybe?

So it's March 31, and up until this morning I thought that MAYBE Logan knew what spring was. I guess not though because when I woke up this morning it was snowing. and it KEEPS snowing. I love the snow and all but I am so ready for the warm sun to come shine its pretty little face and for spring to really be here. I was also liking the fact that for a couple of days I could walk to class and cut through the grass because all of the snow had melted but now I don't think that is going to be possible, at least for a few days. This week has been so uneventful. I feel like I really haven't done much of anything. Over the weekend though I had quite the dose of family time. Saturday I went to Bountiful for dinner with my grandpa, his sister Annona and her husband Ben, Emily, and my cousin Meredith. I stayed for nearly 5 hours and it was way fun. Then Sunday, I went to Salt Lake for dinner with my mom's side of the family. Everyone Conference Sunday they all get together for a big dinner but this year since Conference is on Easter they had it the week before. That was fun too. Lots of good food all weekend, I loved it. Well, I should probably go work on some homework, eh. Maybe I'll go with Jessi first though to take Talina to class.... hmmmm.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break. 2010 edition.

So spring break this year was so great. I stayed in Logan Friday night with Jessi and we hung out and had Olive Garden and that's when she decided that she was going to try a banana pepper and by try I mean bite off half the pepper..... little did she know what was about to happen hahaha. Saturday I got up bright and early and went to Salt Lake to pick up Laura so we could begin our adventures. We went to downtown Salt Lake and walked around and hit up Temple Square and the Gateway mall for a few hours, in the rain and yes, the snow. Ha. It was way fun though. After a few hours of being throughly soaked we headed to Provo to just hang out and watch movies and what not. Sunday was nothing special..... just lots of lounging around watching more movies and CSI. Monday we went over to UVU to check it out and I got a parking ticket. Go figure. We then went shopping for hours and saw the movie Remember Me which actually wasn't half bad. I enjoyed it, even the surprise ending they throw at you. We did a little more shopping after that and then went to my aunt and uncles for dessert. Tuesday we got up and headed to Logan with Jessi to hang out with a few of the roommates. We went to this crazy little bookstore on Main Street..... it wasn't so little though. It was two floors full of thousands and thousands of books. Most of them were old books too, it was so fun. After awhile there we went home to get changed to go to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho! Let me just say that that drive is rediculous! There was a whole lot of nothing the whole way. We missed our turn so we ended up taking a little longer route on I15 haha. Coming home was quite strange..... being practically the only car on I15 except the exceptional semi that we would cruise on by. There were no lights anywhere really so it was pitch black and kinda sketch lookin. Then, we took a random exit to Tremonton thinking it would get us back to Logan but that was even scarier. I really thought for a while that we were in a horror movie and that we were never going to get back to Logan. But, after random guesses of which way to turn we FINALLy made it back and were exhausted. Wednesday we got up and made pancakes and then headed to Salt Lake so Laura could catch her flight back to Denver. I continued to play with Jessi and Sarah that night going to the most amazing park ever. If you are ever in the Pleasant Grove area, definitely hit up Discovery Park. It is amazing. I also ran in to my cousin Lacey there who goes to BYU and I don't see often. It was crazy. After a delicious Wendy's run for frostys, I was exhausted so I went to my Nana's house and hit the sack. The one day I could really sleep in I got up at 9:30. Rediculous. I didn't do too much that day really at all. It was nice to just relax though. Friday I went up to Ogden to visit my friend Sutton who was at Weber State for a dance camp thing for school. It was so good to see her and catch up on everything. We somehow found our way through Ogden and found the mall and had quite the adventure. The rest of the weekend I hung out with friends at BYU. Saturday morning I went to my cousins basketball game which was fun and then that afternoon me and a couple friends headed up to Highland to go to Janessa's wedding. It was so pretty and so good to see everyone. It is so weird that my friends are starting to get married now..... yikes. Can I possibly be this old now?!?! Weird. Sunday I headed back up to Logan only to go back to the dreaded school.... Bleh. =/ I am not so fond of school these days. It is just exhausting and I am so ready for it to be summer. 5 more weeks!! =] Bryan comes home next month too which is just the weirdest thing! It's crazy how fast two years flies by. This week has been devoted to homework assignment after homework assignment and I have hated every minute of it. This is the last time that I take 18 rediculously hard credits all at the same time. Here are some pictures from the break, I'll put up more when I get them from Laura. Enjoy!

after Jessi's pepper experience she wasn't too happy with it

I just thought this was a cool picture
I WANT to live here. sooo pretty.

Laura outside the visitors center in SLC

ha. interesting..... I just love downtown Salt Lake
The Gateway

so maybe we take pictures in movie theaters....
after a long day of shopping
Lucy Lou is just so silly
When we were driving back up to Logan on Tuesday this stupid over sized load took up both lanes. I was going to not be very happy if we had to follow it all the way through the canyon... I am not sure what it even is.

oh Idaho...
Bye Laura!!!

Who says you get too old to play on playgrounds.

I just love these girls so much

Discovery Park!!

Janessa's wedding! She looked amazing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Stupid love.

Jessi. What can I say about this girl. I love her to bits and pieces and sure do not know what I would do without her. Recently, as in last night, we decided that we like to hang out in our room and do things like study or read or sleep or whatever during the day with our window open, main lights off, and our little lamps above our beds on.... in the silence. We really are so strange yet such perfect roommates. I just love her and am so glad that I got so lucky this year to have such an amazing roommate to share such amazing and wonderful experiences with.
Last night, well, we won't go in to much detail, but I hadn't laughed so hard in awhile..... between awkward jokes, Chelsey chasing me through the apartment and in to my room and trying to tackle each other.. and Jessi not having a clue what is going on but busting up laughing, I think that I got my excercise for a good month in all of the laughing that I did in just 5 minutes.
Then there was tonight. Jessi and I haven't really done much today, except make fortune cookies and be our normal crazy selves, but tonight, something WEIRD happened with us. I finished reading the Nicholas Sparks book The Last Song and was so fed up with him because he is such a good author but makes love look so fabulous and I hate it! hahaha. Our apartment has recently become haters of love because it is so stupid and everyone and their dog is all of a sudden getting married. BLEH! Well, the two of us went off on boys, and love, and relationships, and everything. There was a yelling fest for a good 25 minutes.... full on screaming (not at each other, but with each other over frustrations with everything). There was also a good 5 minutes of throwing pillows and hitting the couch in anger for love hahaha. Then we proceeded to go to Lee's and get ice cream and cookie (while still yelling in the car because EVERY song that came on was about love) . Then we wanted to do something reckless on our way home so we decided to drive up this road that who knows where it goes except in to the crazy unknown darkness of the mountains and we got freaked out when we neared the top so we had to abort our mission. It was quite intense. Then we tried to find a movie when we came home but everything had love in it, so we decided to watch the Bourne Identity and as soon as we changed the channel.... BAM it was a love scene! Stupid! So we just ate our ice cream and cookie dough while we watched Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, and now here we are..... recounting our lovely evening of craziness. Now it is time to read this story to Jessi for her bed time story....;) Enjoy!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random thoughts for today....

College can be so interesting....
Yesterday, after I got up for my horribly early 8:30 Philosophy class, I came home to take a short nap that turned in to a 4 hour nap.... I didn't get up and get ready till after 2pm! I guess I was a bit tired.
Today, when I woke up I felt like I had been asleep for maybe 5 minutes. I hate those kind of nights. I went to my El Ed class and we have been watching this documentary about Ron Clark and it was soooo good. I wish that I was a student of his when he taught in Harlem. He is probably the most legit teacher out there. I've also decided that I have amazing timing with the busses 98% of the time. It's perfect when you can walk right up to the bus and get on and there is no waiting involved. While on our way to class today, Alli and I just happened to be on the bus when the driver started driving away with the back doors open.... and there was a kid standing in the stairwell. It was pretty funny. Campus Loop bus drivers can be so much fun. Then, when I came home, I was walking to my building and the girl in front of me was wearing the exact same pair of Big Stars that I was! So crazy.
Spring Break is next week and I am beyond ready for it. It feels like it should be Friday already but it is only Thursday. 2 more classes today and 2 tomorrow and then I'm free!! Laura is coming out on Saturday and we have so much to do it should be a party! Can't wait. I think as much as I am ready for Spring Break, I am more ready for SUMMER!!!! Colorado can't come soon enough!! I am so excited for go home for three months... Gotta love Colorado. =]
So yesterday, while reading the school newspaper, I discovered the UVU is bigger than USU... interesting. I would have thought it was the opposite way around. and then I saw that UofU has almost 30,000 students!! Insane.
Sarah left today and all of a sudden the apartment is way quiet. I think her and I together make up about 97.3% of the noise in here hahahaha. I love that girl though.
Bleh, now it is time for another class, a test, and more discussions and speakers till 4:15. Oh, how I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays.....

Monday, March 8, 2010

Random weekend adventure

when we left, the snow on my car was so wet and heavy that my windshield wipers couldn't move.
while I drove, Jessi and Sarah enjoyed their delicious Cafe Rio.

my favortie part of this picture is that you can see the camera on both lens' of her sun glasses ha

Good ole Sardine Canyon.....
So on Firday, Sarah, Jessi, and I decided to go home. It was quite interesting to say the least. The drive was just soooo long. I think it gets longer and longer everytime I drive it. As soon as we got through Sardine Canyon and hit I-15 though, the sun hit us with beaming rays of sunshine and I LOVED it. I want the sun to come to Logan. I miss it so much. ha.
So Friday was interesting. I hung out with Bek, and we went to her wards talent show and it was just so funny I almost died of laughter ha. Then, we hung out with her friend Grant and his sister who I found out goes to USU and lives 2 floors above me and apparently is in my ward..... but I have never met her before hahahaaha it was so crazy. Then Saturday I slept till 12:30 which was amazing and then Bekah called adn was like "wanna go on a blind date?" so i did. It was fun. We made homemade pizza and watched Are you Afraid of the Dark and played games. It was pretty fun, just interesting. I just love going to Provo, except I am definitely ready to go home thats for sure. Sarah for sure fell asleep on the way home and it was just funny. After we got back to Logan I swear I was on some crazy drug or something. I got so hyper it was rediculous. I am so glad to have great roommates and friends like Sarah, Jess, and Chelsey who are so much fun and are hyper along with me. It makes college so much more fun, I just love them all. One more week till Spring Break!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Tribute to Jessi

So I have this amazing roommate. Her name is Jessi. I just love her to death and this year would definitely not be as fun as it has been without her.
Tonight we were sitting in our room doing homework and we both had our headphones in just kinda doing our own thing. I started singing the song I'm listening to and come to find out that we were listening to the same song!!! It was so crazy. We had such a spectacular night. Jessi and I have very interesting moments together. We randomly start talking in super weird voices, we do random weird things all the time, we get hyper when we are trying to go to sleep, and we have great conversations all the time, whether they are hilarious and stupid or serious and meaningful. I know that I can count on her to cheer me up and make me laugh whenever and wherever. She is amazing and I am so glad we are roommates.
Love you Jess!!