Monday, February 28, 2011

of course this would be my life

Causes of headaches?
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What would you cross the i-beam for?

Life lately has been so insanely crazy. Hence why the blog has been lacking quite a bit lately..... 

Anyway. School is just kicking my trash lately. I hate that I am always so exhausted from school and everything I have to do. It's been a very long weekend, between Bryan's accident, Eric getting sick, and all this cleaning and homework, I can barley stay awake and it's only 8:00!!! There is something totally wrong with this picture! Ha. Anyway. In two weeks I am going to FLORIDA with Laura and it is going to be ridiculously amazing I just can't wait. But until then, I have three papers, two tests, plus a number of other little assignments and Bryan and Nereida are coming out this weekend for a short visit so its going to go by so fast with so much to do. Story of my life. 
Aside from all the craziness of homework that ive been doing lately, there has been a little bit of fun in there too! On Friday night Camille and I went to the Mardi Gras party at school. (even though it is still like 2 weeks until the actual Mardi Gras! haha) We got ready at her place then went to Target to get food, 5 hour energy since we were both so exhausted, and drinks, then headed down to campus to party it up! Let me just say, those 5 hour energy drinks are crazy!! Except the grape ones are nasty. I seriously was just bouncing off the walls almost all night. Part of that could have been from the doughnut holes too but considering how exhausted I was before we left, I'd say they work pretty well. haha. There was this comedian there, Mal Hall, and oh my heck, Camille and I were laughing our butts off the entire time it was ridiculous. It was pretty fun and I'm super glad she made me go. But by the time 1:30 rolled around, I was about to just die because I just crashed at that point. So worth it though. Saturday I went to Rachel's basketball game and then went shopping ha. Sunday was my grandpa's birthday so my cousins Lacey and Meredith and myself went up to Bountiful for dinner and it was pretty fun. And now, after a crazy long day at school and cleaning and homework, I am about to pass out from exhaustion so I am off to bed. yes... it is only 9:30 and I fear I am never going to be the night owl I used to be but oh well. Thats life I guess. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Irrational fear

I have this awfully irrational fear of mice. It is so so bad. They freak me out to no end. And there are now mice living in our garage.....:/ it's so awful especially since I park in the garage haha. it's quite entertaining when I go to leave in the morning or something and I have to seriously build myself up at the garage door in order to open it and literally RUN to my car and jump in sure fast.... that's how terrified I get of mice. Especially since I have seen them a number of times out there. Bleh. My family makes fun of me about it a lot too because it is such a stupid thing to be afraid of. Oh well I guess.
I've been slacking on writing lately because I have just been super busy and what not with school and everything and being so exhausted. Plus we got a new cat! He is super cute but sheds a lot which is a pain but he is hilarious.... More on him later... when we can actually find him hahaha. 
I got a new phone yesterday and I am totally in love with it. So glad I got this one over the iPhone for sure. 
Plus, remember how I complained about finding someone to cute my hair and how nervous I was about it? Well I went and got it cut today and I LOVE it and the lady who did it. I love when things like this just work out like this. 
February is a short month... thank goodness. Then Bryan and Nereida are coming out for a little visit the beginning of March, and then it'll be time for FLORIDA!!! Which is seriously going to be the greatest vacation ever. I can't wait. 
Pictures are forthcoming....when I am not so tired and swamped with homework and junk. ha. Gotta love the life of a college student.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My oh my, split ends

Did you know that trying to find someone to cut your hair is very difficult? Especially when the same person has been cutting and highlighting your hair for pretty much your whole life. How do you find someone new to trust with your precious precious hair? ha. Well, it's difficult. And can make one a bit anxious.....

So it turns out that maybe the newspapers are intriguingly and terrifyingly right after all. I read an article a couple of weeks ago in the Deseret News about how college sophomores learn almost nothing the first two years they are attending their higher education school. (This was intriguing to me seeing that I am currently a sophomore). The study tested students at the beginning of the freshman year and at the end of their sophomore year and noted that there was only about a 4% increase in the test. It is so true. I feel like a lot of the stuff I have done in some classes the past couple of years is a repeat from high school. And if you think about it, a good portion of classes your first two years of college you can test out of by taking classes in high school. So if you can take the class in high school then why should people have to take basically the same thing again in college and pay thousands of dollars for those classes? It's pretty crazy if you ask me. But at the same time, if it is information we could have learned in high school, then why are we not learning it even better in college and gaining more knowledge over two years? Interesting.
Anyway, the reason I bring that article up is because today in English we got back some of our papers we have written and one of them was a synthesis paper that I had no idea who to write or anything and just kind of winged it. Well, turns out I got an A on the paper... so maybe I am learning more than I thought after all. College is such an interesting experience. Sometimes I feel like I am not learning anything at all but then I turn around and turn in a paper or take a test and bam! Turns out I have learned much more than I ever anticipated. I just wish that it wasn't so exhausting. all the time....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So this picture is a little difficult to see but it is from the day after my little spill in the mud last week..... and it's only part of the number I did on the grass ha. But nonetheless, it is there.  Go me! ha. :)

In other news...It's wicked cold here. Not as cold as Colorado obviously since they have canceled school two days in a row because of extreme temperatures below zero... which is quite odd... but still cold! The wind is what I hate the most. Especially walking through campus and having it rip through you like it just doesn't care that you are trying to mind your own business. It was so cold and windy today walking through campus that by the time I got to my car I could not even breath anymore and it hurt so bad. My face was bright red, I couldn't feel my fingers, my toes were freezing, and my eyes were so sore from the stupid wind it looked like I was crying! SO not my idea of a good time. As much as I love winter and enjoy the snow and everything, this weather is just miserable! I mean there isn't even any snow on the ground or falling from the sky!! If it was snowing I might be a little more okay with it but it's not so I'm not. I have a feeling that walking from the parking lot tomorrow at 9:30 to my first class is going to be a disaster. It takes about 20 minutes to walk there and it's pretty much all outside. Bleh. I guess I better dress ultra warm tomorrow! 
I also feel like nothing exciting is happening in life these days. It's just all about school. As important as school is, I'm ready for something way exciting to happen. So while I wait, I guess I will just sit here like a good student I am supposed to be and do homework and wait for something exciting to happen.....