Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today, Dr. Rich and Dr. Snider, (two doctors who make me laugh and are super awesome), put me on anti-depressant medication.... Here's to hoping that it actually works.

School is out of control fun and busy. I am really enjoying my classes for the most part, despite the fact that some of them are wicked hard.

I finally found my maid of honor dress yesterday as well. And, it was only $30! That's a steal!

It has been determined as well, that I absolutely love my institute class. It's ridiculously amazing and Brother Monson is such a fabulous teacher. I am really excited about it.

Provo is also really starting to grow on me. I think maybe I'll be okay living here for a couple of years. Who knows though.... only time shall tell.

Work is also really fun. Today it got extremely busy and chaotic, but it was spectacularly fun. I am really enjoying it.

Today I decided that I really want/need to go on a vacation. A real vacation. I don't know the last time I actually had a real one. But, that will never happen.

I also realized that all of these tidbits are coming in two liners. I guess that is what I am full of today. 2 liners.

Tomorrow is a new day. Who knows what it shall hold. Well, other than antidepressants, ridiculous amounts of school and homework, and a dollar movie.