Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Tribute to Jessi

So I have this amazing roommate. Her name is Jessi. I just love her to death and this year would definitely not be as fun as it has been without her.
Tonight we were sitting in our room doing homework and we both had our headphones in just kinda doing our own thing. I started singing the song I'm listening to and come to find out that we were listening to the same song!!! It was so crazy. We had such a spectacular night. Jessi and I have very interesting moments together. We randomly start talking in super weird voices, we do random weird things all the time, we get hyper when we are trying to go to sleep, and we have great conversations all the time, whether they are hilarious and stupid or serious and meaningful. I know that I can count on her to cheer me up and make me laugh whenever and wherever. She is amazing and I am so glad we are roommates.
Love you Jess!!