Monday, March 8, 2010

Random weekend adventure

when we left, the snow on my car was so wet and heavy that my windshield wipers couldn't move.
while I drove, Jessi and Sarah enjoyed their delicious Cafe Rio.

my favortie part of this picture is that you can see the camera on both lens' of her sun glasses ha

Good ole Sardine Canyon.....
So on Firday, Sarah, Jessi, and I decided to go home. It was quite interesting to say the least. The drive was just soooo long. I think it gets longer and longer everytime I drive it. As soon as we got through Sardine Canyon and hit I-15 though, the sun hit us with beaming rays of sunshine and I LOVED it. I want the sun to come to Logan. I miss it so much. ha.
So Friday was interesting. I hung out with Bek, and we went to her wards talent show and it was just so funny I almost died of laughter ha. Then, we hung out with her friend Grant and his sister who I found out goes to USU and lives 2 floors above me and apparently is in my ward..... but I have never met her before hahahaaha it was so crazy. Then Saturday I slept till 12:30 which was amazing and then Bekah called adn was like "wanna go on a blind date?" so i did. It was fun. We made homemade pizza and watched Are you Afraid of the Dark and played games. It was pretty fun, just interesting. I just love going to Provo, except I am definitely ready to go home thats for sure. Sarah for sure fell asleep on the way home and it was just funny. After we got back to Logan I swear I was on some crazy drug or something. I got so hyper it was rediculous. I am so glad to have great roommates and friends like Sarah, Jess, and Chelsey who are so much fun and are hyper along with me. It makes college so much more fun, I just love them all. One more week till Spring Break!!! Woo hoo!!!!!