Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sarah is 19!!!!

So, my two best friends, Laura and Sarah, have the same birthday, which is just weird. Laura is in Wyoming so I send her a fabulous package of goodness haha.
Sarah, though, since she was here, we had a little day of surprises for her. The night before, Jessi told her that she had to set up for a track meet the next day (Sarah's birthday) and she didnt know how long it would take so she didnt know if we would all be able to hang out or anything. Muhahahaha. Jessi and I had been planning this fabulous birthday for a good week or so....... Sarah totally believe Jessi and was so bummed thinking that it would just be another lame birthday. So we go through the day, nothing spectacular, just a quiz in econ and Sarah and I come back to my place and jsut kinda chill and watch tv. Then, being so sneaky, I told Sarah I was going to take a nap cause I had a headache and no one else was here so she just went upstairs being bummed that no one wanted to do anything for her. I had to run to the store to get frosting for her cake because we forgot to get some ha. Sarah totally saw me there!!!! It was terrible but she didn't think too much about it, thank goodness. So I get home, make her cake, and Megan and I start putting up balloons and streamers to make it look kinda festive. I told Sarah she wasn't allowed to make any plans for the night becasue I wanted to take her somewhere but that was all she got. So after setting up our apartment and what not, I go up to get her and she comes walking down our hall which surprised us and ruined everything.. kinda. The plan was to take her out to dinner (me Jessi, Megan, and Alli). It all ended up working our anyway, but I blindfolded her and walked her to me car - she didnt know the others were coming but she suspected when she thought she heard my car door open =/. So we get in the car, she is still blindfolded, and after a few minutes of driving, I had her convinced that we were not where she thought we were and she no longer thought anyone else was in the car because they were being SO quiet it was crazy. We pull into Chili's and take off the blindfold and she was so shocked that they were in the car! Yes it worked!! =] So we hang out, waiting for a table, meanwhile, there is a crazy guy on the sidewalk dancing in a statue of liberty costume for money and we convinced Sarah to go and dance with him hahahah. Megan has is all on film and I got a couple of pictures. As soon as Sarah went up to him he just stopped dancing and stood there awkwardly. He was so funny. What made it even better was that like half the resturant could see what was going on and they were all watching. It was awesome. Then, we had this crazy waiter who just made me laugh. Everytime we would say something about him he would just happen to walk up right then and there! It was crazy. He brought a free chocolate molten cake that was devoured in 3 minutes flat by us. Gooooood stuff. Then, Sarah thought the night was over and she was satisfied becasue we surprised her with dinner. Little does she know it is just the beginning! We come back to my place and Jessi, Megan, and Alli go in ahead of us... and when Sarah and I walk in all the lights are off so I flip them on and the three of them had hid under the bar and then popped up yelling surprise!!! to a decorated apartment. Sarah was so shocked it just made me laugh. Then we just kinda hung out and looked through the bridal magizine I got Sarah becasue she loves them. Then, people come over! Yes, we planned it. Yet again, Sarah had no idea. Jessi and I just rock at this surprise business =]We played ultimate spoons, and did some other stuff then decided to play hide n seek in the dark again becasue it is so fun in our small apartment with lots of people. In the middle of all our randomness and crazy fun-ness, Jessi and I sneak into Alli's room to light candles for the birthday cake that Sarah doesnt know about and Megan goes out and turns all the lights off so everyone is very confused ha. As soon as I came out with the cake Sarah just about died. I think her birthday was more surprises than she has ever had. Everyone sang to her and she just loved it. We continued to have quiet the adventureous night. It was so much fun, and a success if I do say so myself. =]
Saturday rolls around and I felt dead from the day before. But, we went to the 10pm basketball game anyway. I just love Aggie basketball. It is so amazing. On our way home, we were walking through the cemetary (just after midnight) and this car starts driving towards us and Sarah totally thought it was the cops so we just book it to the street only to find out it wasn't a cop haha. Oh well. It made for a funny story. Then we stayed up till about 3am watching Star Trek. Ha it was such a crazy fun weekend I loved it. I love my friends so much, they are amazing. Here are a few pictures from the brithdayness.....

Yes, we made jello shots of goodness and then ended up not even using them because a ton of random people came that we didnt even know.


This picture is probably one of my favorites. Sarah had no idea what was going on and then there were frolfers cracking up and confusing her even more hahaha.

Walking up to Mr. Liberty.

Ya, she is cool. The guy stood in this position for quite awhile.

Meg and Alli muchin on the chips and salsa waitin for our food at Chili's!

Loooooove them! <3

Checkin out the new bridal magizine

We sang Sarah the Happy Birthday song from Build-a-Bear. It was legit. haha.

Her new man that grows..... her Visiting Teachers gave it to her haha

Growing man!

Surprised by the cake

She definitely failed at blowing them all out on the first try ha

Good times. There were a ton more people there than this though.