Friday, March 12, 2010

Stupid love.

Jessi. What can I say about this girl. I love her to bits and pieces and sure do not know what I would do without her. Recently, as in last night, we decided that we like to hang out in our room and do things like study or read or sleep or whatever during the day with our window open, main lights off, and our little lamps above our beds on.... in the silence. We really are so strange yet such perfect roommates. I just love her and am so glad that I got so lucky this year to have such an amazing roommate to share such amazing and wonderful experiences with.
Last night, well, we won't go in to much detail, but I hadn't laughed so hard in awhile..... between awkward jokes, Chelsey chasing me through the apartment and in to my room and trying to tackle each other.. and Jessi not having a clue what is going on but busting up laughing, I think that I got my excercise for a good month in all of the laughing that I did in just 5 minutes.
Then there was tonight. Jessi and I haven't really done much today, except make fortune cookies and be our normal crazy selves, but tonight, something WEIRD happened with us. I finished reading the Nicholas Sparks book The Last Song and was so fed up with him because he is such a good author but makes love look so fabulous and I hate it! hahaha. Our apartment has recently become haters of love because it is so stupid and everyone and their dog is all of a sudden getting married. BLEH! Well, the two of us went off on boys, and love, and relationships, and everything. There was a yelling fest for a good 25 minutes.... full on screaming (not at each other, but with each other over frustrations with everything). There was also a good 5 minutes of throwing pillows and hitting the couch in anger for love hahaha. Then we proceeded to go to Lee's and get ice cream and cookie (while still yelling in the car because EVERY song that came on was about love) . Then we wanted to do something reckless on our way home so we decided to drive up this road that who knows where it goes except in to the crazy unknown darkness of the mountains and we got freaked out when we neared the top so we had to abort our mission. It was quite intense. Then we tried to find a movie when we came home but everything had love in it, so we decided to watch the Bourne Identity and as soon as we changed the channel.... BAM it was a love scene! Stupid! So we just ate our ice cream and cookie dough while we watched Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, and now here we are..... recounting our lovely evening of craziness. Now it is time to read this story to Jessi for her bed time story....;) Enjoy!!