Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three: Parents

Sometimes I wonder what I am supposed to write on here about certain things. To be honest, a lot of the time I have no idea what I even want to write or will right until the moment that I am actually writing it. So here it is.

(me with my parents on move-in day in Logan, Aug. 2009)

Last year, I went to school at Utah State and loved it. I flew out to Utah a couple of weeks before school started and hung out with Nana in Provo and then my parents drove out with all of my stuff (including a vehicle! woo hoo!) and the next day we drove up to Logan and I moved in! What a crazy Saturday that was. I'm sure my mom probably cried most of the way home seeing as her baby was now in college and OFFICIALLY on her own. Ya, that was a weird feeling. I am so glad though that Jessi and I get along so well and that we did instantly! And that the rest of my roommates were fabulous as well. I realized after that how much I depend on my parents, for everything. When I was in high school I liked to think that I was really independent and could handle things on my own and be my own person and didn't need 'adult supervision'. After a week of being in college, I realized really how much my parents did/do for me, and how I really was still just a teenager and that I had a ton more growing up to do. That did happen this last year as well I believe, even though there is still much much more to learn and more growing up to do.

I am so grateful for my parents and all that they do because they pay for me to go to school (out of state by the way) and the help me out whenever I need it with whatever I need, be it money or food or gas or books or anything. I really do appreciate it because they have pretty much kept me alive the past year quite literally. They sacrifice so much for me and my siblings and area always willing to give us anything and everything that we need. (Now I am glad that tonight they were finally able to splurge on THEMSELVES and get a completely rad new car!)
I can't wait to finish growing up and see what is in store for me next because of how my parents raised me! Love you guys!