Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tender Mercies

(I just really really love this picture)

Sometimes the Lord has these ways of providing sweet, tender mercies at just the right time. I've never really thought too much about it in my life until this week. School has been a pain in the butt trying to deal with this semester because of how much it costs. I was originally hoping to get the WUE scholarship back in March when I applied, but then I came to find out that I was number 252 on the wait list for it, which means i would be waiting for it for YEARS. What a pain. So then, I decided to just take 9 credits to make it a little easier to pay for it. Then, Monday, I was checking my email and I had an email from Ryan Burton. He just happens to be the director of the WUE scholarship. I go on to read it and sure enough, somehow, even after being number 252 on the wait list, he was offering me the scholarship. It was a completely shocking. Come to find out that I have to add another class to be at 12 credits, but, it means that tuition is only going to be about three of four hundred dollars instead of thousands and thousands of dollars. Biggest relief all year. I still can't really believe it.
This week, I also have had three different job interviews. I guess those 30 applications and resumes might be starting to slightly pay off.... maybe. But I am not holding my breath too much yet. We'll see what happens I suppose......