Sunday, August 1, 2010


Please believe me when I tell you that a 19 year old (no not me) truly believes there was a dinosaur running across the street as we chased it down tonight. And then somehow it magically turned in to a baby dragon..... Sometimes I wonder about my friends. But then again, I also wonder about myself, because I know for a fact that I am so not normal by any account, but I am so wonderfully okay with this that it doesn't even matter. And, I hate to admit it, well not really, but I am more than okay with my friends. They really are just the best. Even if they do believe there are dinosaurs running around (and she is an archaeologist she should know better! ha). In case you don't believe I am not normal, just ask me to use an inside voice sometime. I am pretty sure that when people ask me to do this my voice just naturally gets even louder. It is ridiculous. And, sometimes when I see bunnies running through the streets, I tend not to slow down; I chase them instead. Mostly non intentionally and subconsciously, but nontheless, chase them. Poor creatures.