Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thirty, five, one.

30 applications and resumes, 5 interviews, and 1 final job. I, am now successfully EMPLOYED! final. It only took nearly a month and lots of stress to finally find a job and I hope that it is good. Tori, the manager called Thursday wanting me to come in Friday afternoon for an interview. Less than 10 minutes after I arrived I had a job! She hired me on the spot after just a few questions like where I go to school and what not. I couldn't believe it! I went up to Bountiful after that to see my grandpa and I was going to spend the night there but then after I was hired, I found out she wanted me to be at training at 9:00am Saturday morning! So crazy. So, I got up this morning at 6:45 to get ready and get back down to Provo. Turns out, Bekah's fiancé also just got hired so we did training together... what a small world! Haha. I hope that it is going to be a good experience... but hey, money is money at this point in life since I am practically out of it. ha. After three hours of training, free food, studying, teaching someone to drive stick, watching a movie, more studying, and a delicious steak for dinner, I am absolutely exhausted, and have to get up early again tomorrow. Bleh, story of my life. Oh well, doesn't matter because I. AM. EMPLOYED!!!