Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All for one and one for all and all for love!

SO pretty much I am just a big slacker again. So much has happened the past couple of weeks it's just insane. Bryan came up to Logan for a night and that was fun. Megan, Sarah, me and Bryan went bowling and watched movies and just hung out. Wednesday after my first class Megan and I went to Salt Lake to drop him off at the airport. We stopped at the Layton Hills mall to get some delicious Chick-fil-a which was awesome. Then when we went to leave, my car wouldn't start... it was quite strange, but don't worry, it started up after a few minutes. Then, on our way back to Logan we hit a little bit of traffic because there was a side on the side of the road that looked like it has rolled and then it was completely torched. Like all that was left was the frame. It looked scary. Then, it was time to pack up a little and study study study! Friday I went to Provo for the weekend to take a bunch of stuff to my Nana's house for the summer so that I wouldn't have to take it all home, it was great. I got some studying done and some sleep as well. Megan and I went to a single's ward in Pleasant Grove that she might be going to in the summer and it was just awesome..... sorta ha. It seemed like they were all older though and it was just interesting. They were mostly girls and it was slightly awkward haha oh well. Then it was back to Logan to study and get ready for the drive HOME. Monday was full of studying and cleaning and packing, it was so busy. Tuesday, I had my Human Development and politics tests. Then more cleaning and packing. It was a bitter-sweet day for sure. That night, my last night in Logan, Sarah and Megan brought their beds into mine and Jessi's room and we had a big sleepover. It was just great. I miss those girls oh so much. Wednesday I had my econ test, got a parking ticket, but got out of having to pay the ticket which was way awesome, and then checked out of my apartment and then drove for 6 hours through Wyoming. I do not ever want to make that drive again. It was soooo boring and miserable. It was nice to have some alone time though and just think and what not. Then I got to Laramie that night and hung out with Laura and we stayed up till like 3 a.m. or so. Wednesday she had a test and then we left for HOME. We stopped at the pull off that they have at the border and took some pictures. I just love being back in Colorado oh so much. I sure have missed it. Thursday night Bryan and I went over to Jackie and Chauncey's place and just hung out with them for a while, had some pizza, and then played Risk. It was quite intense. Friday I got up and cleaned allllllll day and got my haircut. That was exhausting. Saturday I got up and cleaned some more because my Nana was coming in to town for the week. That night, Bryan, Chris, my parents, and Nana and I all went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and it was sooo good. That for sure is my favorite place ever. Sunday was Bryan's homecoming talk and I saw a lot of people that I haven't seen for awhile so that was great. Then there was lots of Sunday naps, which I love, and great dinner. Monday there was the chiropractor/massage which I love. Then the dentist and then pedicures with Bekah. Tuesday I got up and watched one of Melissa's boys and took Mason to his swimming lessons and met Melissa and Blake there and watched Mason and Blake take lessons. They were so cute. Then I went up to Dakota to see some teachers and then picked my brother up at my mom's school. At 9 I went and played volleyball which was great since I won't be able to play for awhile. Today, I had the chance to sleep in but the doctor's office called with a ton of questions so I woke up kinda early. Then watched The Office for awhile, got ready and then went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes with Nana where we saw the lovely Valerie VanHalen and then we went to Walmart and ran into Sis. Ford. It was great to catch up with her as well. And now, here I am, attempting to catch up on blogging since it has been so long. I am sure that a lot more has happened that I just can't remember right now but oh well. It is just great to be home for the summer. Tomorrow I am having surgery which will be a pain but it will be good to get it over with I suppose. Here are some pictures of the past couple of weeks! Enjoy!!


More and more packing.
Completely packed car.... with a bike and all!

oh the memories.
Sarah looked like she was about to get lost in the cupboard
The creepy interesting white substance we found while cleaning
Fridge time
It's okay Sar!
Cleaning out the freezer while taking down lights

Oh how I love her
Miss them both! =D

Sleepover time in our room!
Between me and Sarah we had a LOT of stuff
The empty ness was quite erie

Megan was sad because I was about to leave
Love her!
Bear Lake. I want to live here

Wyoming cows
Wyoming nothingness
huh.... interesting
Don't worry, it's not like it seems. I was definitely on the right side of the road, there was just a truck pulling two other trucks, one of which was going backwards
don't mind the double chin, I was just falling off of Laura's bed trying to read something on her computer
ha, yes, I am that lazy
the little sink that I washed my hair in
Wyoming snow that we woke up to

So excited to be back
Interesting. How can you be at mile 0 and 299 at the same time! ha

So maybe I miss Logan and my amazing roommates a lot, but I am sure glad to finally be home!