Monday, May 17, 2010

Dreams and boredom

Sometimes I have the most bizarre dreams. Last night I think I had about 15 different dreams ranging from going to a museum to see a friends mom because apparently thats where they live, getting emails about grades that aren't even mine, being in a movie, and a ton of other things that I can't remember anymore. I can't wait until I no longer am on crutches and no longer have a cast. It's only Monday and I am so bored. You would think that sitting around not having to do anything and just sleeping and watching movies would be fun but after a couple of days it definitely gets very boring. My arms are so tired and sore from the crutches, I definitely need a massage ha. I want to go and do things but I have absolutely no energy for anything and it's just no fun. I think pretty soon I am going to run out of movies and TV shows to watch haha. Only 8 more days..... then it won't be as bad. If I remember correctly, having the walking cast isn't too bad, just the fact that I can't get it wet kinda sucks because it's a pain to cover so that I can shower. I think I can handle that for 4 weeks. But it should be here now. I am so sick of this no weight thing. We are watching Chris' dogs this week while he is out of town and I just want to play with them and I can't. BOREDOM definitely explains my life right now. Maybe things will get better, but probably not since I am going to be home alone pretty much all week because Bryan is leaving for California tomorrow and my parents have to work. Oh well, I guess quiet alone time isn't all that bad right?

A few special shout outs.....While I was completely laid up having to prop my foot and everything the first couple of days, I had some awesome people looking out for me. My mom and Nana of course, they did everything for me, including staying up half of the night to make sure I was okay. My mom has just been awesome because she gets everything for me and takes such good care of me. I just love her.
Thursday Stacy Howard called to check to see how surgery went, my mom's teammate Pam came by and brought me ice cream and flowers. Friday, Robin came by with Max and Makiah and then Melissa came by with lunch with Jacob and Blake. Kathy Puter called and so did Stacy Howard. It's so great to know that I have these people who care so much and want to make sure I am doing alright. It makes this boring life I live right now bearable.