Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obsessions and addictions.

I have so many addictions it is kind of ridiculous. This weeks addiction: Grey's anatomy. I have never really watched it before but all of a sudden I just love it. Maybe it is because Patrick Dempsey is so fabulous or maybe it is because I am really just getting that bored of doing NOTHING all the time. I seriously cannot wait until I can walk again. Between having a constant itch all throughout my ankle and foot and sitting doing the same thing day after day and wearing the same clothes and washing my hair in the sink because it takes too much energy to do anything else, I think I deserve it to be Tuesday already. 13 days is WAY too long for anyone to be on crutches, especially me.
I also am obsessed with love movies lately. I have always loved them, I'm a girl what do you expect, but, and once again maybe it is because I sit here not able to do much but really watch tv, but lately I just really have a craving for chick flicks. I'm pathetically addicted and obsessed with them. Oh well. Now that I have rambled for no good apparent reason about absolutely nothing except my addiction to Grey's Anatomy and chick flicks (but who doesn't), it's time for more Grey's Anatomy and the lovely McDreamy and McSteamy. Oh TV......