Monday, April 26, 2010

Bryan's home!

So this weekend was just great. Friday, Sarah and I went down to Salt Lake and did a little bit of shopping, very unsuccessfully though. Then I headed up to Bountiful to stay with my Grandpa for the night. We had some dinner and watched Forever Strong and then a little bit of the Nuggets/Jazz game then headed to bed. Saturday morning we headed down to the airport to meet my parents and BRYAN. He just got back from his mission in Romania and it was great to see him. My parents, Bryan and I then all went to Provo for the rest of the weekend. We had to stop at Target so Bryan could get some stuff then we went to my Nana's house then to lunch at Goodwood. It was absolutely delicious. Bryan went and hung out with his friend Kevin and then that night we just hung out and watched The Dark Knight until we all fell asleep haha. Sunday we went to church and saw some people we haven't seen in awhile. After church we ran home and finished cooking the food for lunch then went to the clubhouse for a family lunch with Nana, Chad, Judy, Eric, Elaine, Sam, Rachel, Justin, Grandpa, Emily, and my parents. Then we went back to my Nana's house and just chatted and Bryan showed us all pictures from his mission and it was just great to just be with family and enjoy the weekend. That night I had to take my parents to the airport and then pick up Sarah and head back to good old Logan. On our way back we realized that we are done with school NEXT WEEK. It is so surreal. I will be leaving Logan for good next Wednesday, just over a week. It doesn't seem like it should be time for school to be over already. But I love it. Today Jessi, Sarah and I all did some packing. Jessi is taking a bunch of stuff to Provo for me tomorrow when she goes down for a job interview and that helps me out so so much. This weekend I am going down there and taking the rest of my stuff that I am not taking to Colorado for the summer. As excited as I am to be going home finally, it is quite sad. I am kinda going to miss Logan and I am definitely going to miss my amazing roommates who have made this year so amazing and memorable. Tomorrow Bryan is coming up to hang out and we are going to go rock climbing and stuff then he is headin home on Wednesday. It should be a great time. Now it's time for lame homework. Story of my life. I definitely can't wait for summer, it will be so so nice not to have to worry about any school for three months. =] Here are a couple pictures from the airport.....

my dad was creepin on us while we waiting for Bryan's bag to come

Ya, so he likes to be rude and put me in a head lock. Story of my life

Oh look, he does know how to take a normal picture ;)