Thursday, May 20, 2010

A brief trip down memory lane

So, in my many hours and hours of boredom this past week, I was going through some of the 600 pictures that I have on my phone, and decided that some of them may have been post worth because they were all just awesome memories and so this post may just be for me and my memory more than anyone or anything else, but I am doing it anyway. So here are some pictures from the past few months. Maybe one of these days I will actually keep up with my goal and post nearly everyday and have actual awesome posts instead of just random junk that my life is filled with lately. Who knows though.
*A little overview of the pat few days, Tuesday Bryan left for his big move to CALIFORNIA. Lucky him :) Then, I went to Stony Creek's field day with Robin because I NEEDED to get out of the house. It was just fun to get out and relax outside. Then, I saw Hanna for a little bit too which was fun to catch up a little bit and dear sweet Diane Wilcox stopped by to drop off a couple of games for me. I just love her. She is bringing me lunch tomorrow and I am so excited to catch up with her. Then, my mom and I watched Dancing With the Stars which was so fun because amazing Utah Valley University Ballroom Dance Team was on the collegiate dance competition and they were so amazing! Getting a 29/30 points from the judges and such amazing support viz viewers voting from home, the are competing in the Finals next week against I believe Purdue. Should be great fun to watch! Wednesday, I was so exhausted from the adventures of Tuesday that I just watched TV all day and tried to relax. Today was great because I went to lunch at Qdoba with Chelsea and Becca. It was so fun to catch up with them over everything that has been going on in our lives over the past 5 months. Now, here I sit, watching Harry Potter and sitting in the basement, alone, again. Story of my life lately. I cannot wait until I am no longer on crutches and have more freedom. Surgery is such an annoyance. I definitely do not recommend it to anyone. Ever. Hopefully this is the last time that I have to have any surgery on this dumb ankle of mine. Tomorrow is FINALLY Friday, thank goodness. Only 5 more days until the cast gets changed!!! It needs to get here NOW. Well, enjoy my brief walk down a short memory lane for now. :)

This one is to my fabulous best friend, SarahMarieDawnDayLatte ;)

Sometime at the beginning of fall semester, maybe September-ish, we (Sarah, Devin, and myself) needed to go grocery shopping and while we were at Walmart, Sarah decided that she was going to ride in the cart, so, here she is. Gotta love that girl.

While at Walmart, we found sunggies for dogs; too weird.

Meg and I went to Taco Bell maybe a week before I left and somehow my wrapper turned into a Bean Burrito bandanna.

During the move to Provo, my bike had to be dis-assembled in order to fit, and then everything was piled in around it.

My Nana's cat, Lucy Lou, loves to drink out of the toilet and it is so weird
I was driving home from the store one day at school and saw this in a parking lot, it was quite disturbing from all angles.
Only in Logan do you see tractors driving around campus; tractors that are three times your height nonetheless.
and then you see tractors parked in parking lots because people drove them to the store!
My amazing roommate, Jessi, took this photo of the Logan temple and I just love it.
Jessi and I moving Sarah's bed in to our room my last night at school
I was driving to get my hair cut and I pulled up to an intersection with this huge pile of glass and rope stuff. It was quite interesting and I had no idea what the heck it was from because there was TONS.
Little Bailey likes to sleep on the recliner with me, and he likes to take over as well sometimes ha
Either my leg was extremely swollen during surgery or all the muscle just decided that it wanted to go away one day. I can definitely stick my hand down my cast and I do not think that that is very good.....
Well hello big, obnoxious, annoying, heavy, ugly white cast, how are you today.
Oh, how I am so glad that I am home and have an oven that ACTUALLY works properly and makes these AMAZINGLY divine cookies =D