Friday, May 14, 2010


****WARNING!!!!! Some of these pictures may be slightly disturbing!!****

Okay, so yesterday I had some lovely little surgery on the ankle. They did Evans Reconstruction, as well as another Brostrom procedure. (You can google them to see exactly what they do.) I got to Rocky Mountain Surgery Center at about 7:15, got back in the little room at about 8:00 or so then got changed, stuck with needles and what not, and waited for the doctor until about 9:00 or so. I met with some nurses, the anesthesiologist, and Dr. Riester, who is just awesome. Then the anesthesiologist gave me some medicine that is supposed to help calm your nerves and what not and I don't really remember anything from the point on, even though I was apparently awake haha. The next thing I know I am waking up in Recovery trying to take off my oxygen because I thought that it was my glasses haha. Such a pain. They gave me a ton of different medicines through the IV, then I was finally able to eat some crackers and animal crackers and cran-grape juice which was delicious and then the nurse, Julie, gave me some vicodin because i was starting to feel a little bit of pain in my ankle. Then I was finally able to get dressed and they moved me to a sweet chair recliner thing and then my mom came back and talked with the discharge nurse while I relaxed a little bit. Then my mom went and got the car while I went to the bathroom then we were off! We stopped and got a frosty at Wendy's then I got all situated in the basement..... where my life would be occurring for the next few days ha. I didn't sleep much and didn't really have any problems with pain except for one hour. It's been pretty nice to not have really any pain. I must have a high pain tolerance or something, I love it! Then my mom's teammate, Pam, came by and brought me flowers and amazing Dove chocolate ice cream bars. SO good. =D Anyway, things were great until I got up about 11:45 last night to take some more Vicodin and go to the bathroom. About two minutes after that I got extremely ill and threw up pretty much everything I had eaten the past 4 or 5 hours. Definitely not fun at all. Then I didn't really sleep at all through the night, woke up about every 20 or 30 minutes and was awake from about 2:45-4:30 and then finally slept for 4 solid hours, the longest stretch yet. Good thing my doc gave me anti-nausea medicine. It's working wonders for me now. Nana left this morning to go back to Utah, and I am so glad that she was here and was willing to take care of me through the night when I got sick and was having problems. She is just great. Robin came over with Makiah and Max a little while later and Makiah brought me these cute little fake flowers from the dollar store and Max gave me socks. It was too cute. They hung out for awhile and it was nice to have some company and not just watch TV. Then Melissa came over with Blake and Jacob and brought me lunch. So sweet of her. We talked of awhile and played with her boys and that was just great. Kathy and Stacy have also been calling to check up on me which is so nice of them. I sure am being taken care of. I love having all these people that care so much to make sure I am doing well, especially when I am home alone. They are so awesome. So now here I sit, watching more NCIS being bored and elevating my foot. It has been quite the crazy past like 30 hours and I will be so glad when I no longer have to be on crutches because I am already sick of them. Maybe I'll go take a nap before anyone else comes home or comes over. There are some pictures below, most of which are from the night before the surgery so you can get a slight glimpse of what kind of things my ankle was doing that led to my surgery. ha, warning, some may be a little gross. =D

Gotta love IV'S
After the nurse cleaned my ankle she wrapped it so they knew for sure which ankle they were operating on. They also wrote on it like 5 times.
This cool picture was in my Pre-op room
Oh how I'll miss being able to move my ankle in cool ways

My leg looks anorexic or something here, quite disturbing

swollen, bruised hand. It was a lot worse before
Cute little Jacob
Blake was sharing his Frosty with me and had a huge scoop so he ran over to me so that it wouldn't drip. He is too cute
Then he was sharing with his brother
Darn heavy cast
Flowers from Pam =]
I'll probably update on the good old ankle in a couple days. Have a great weekend!