Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy, busy, busy.....

Wow, college can be so crazy. Especially as a new season is trying to sneak in and the end of the year is approaching. Since last week the snow has melted, snowed again, and stuck around. This past weekend was Conference and Easter. What a great combination. I was able to go to Provo on Thursday night and play with Sarah at my Nana's house and then Friday we went to see The Last Song. It was actually not too bad. Saturday I listened to Conference all day, cleaned out Nana's refrigerator, pantry, and the area above her washer and dryer. It definitely got me prepared to come back to school because Monday we found out we had CLEANING CHECKS today. Stupid. Saturday night I hung out with Bekah, I just love her and hanging out with her. Sunday was more conference and then delicious Easter dinner and my aunt and uncle's. Sooooo good. I love homemade dinners like Elaine's. They are so good. Then Megan and I trekked back on up to good ole Logan and then went and hung out with some of her friends and watched Iron Man. It was quite an eventful weekend. Monday and Tuesday were filled with school and TONS of studying because Tuesday I had a international politics test. Bleh. Monday afternoon at like 4:30, Sara from across the hall came over and convinced me to play a song for the ward talent show.... don't worry, it was at 6:00 and I haven't played the piano in WEEKS. It was quite interesting to say the least. Then, it snowed AGAIN! I am getting tired of snow. I just want warm weather. I mean, it is April after all. Tuesday after my test we got cleaning. Jessi and I cleaned the kitchen for a good 3 hours that night and then spent and hour and a half with Sarah cleaning the living room and rearranging furniture and what not. It was such an adventure. I love those two girls. I am so glad they are my best friends/roommates. Today I woke up completely EXHAUSTED. It was so hard to go to my 8:30 class, but I went. Then came home and continued to clean, mostly my room, showered, went to class at 12:30 and then at 1:30 Chelsey convinced me to go do the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" that they do every year. It is to help raise awareness and prevent rape. Guys sign up and walk a mile around campus in high heels (it's surprising how good some of them are!!) and girls walk with them and they collect donations as the walk and have signs and it is jut a cool experience. Then it was back to the apartment for a little more cleaning, then watched Parenthood (probably my new favorite show) and had our clean check..... and guess what! WE PASSED! thank goodness because last time there were a few things that we missed so we had to have it rechecked. Such a pain. But then it was nap time for me which was splendid. Now I'm here eating vegetables and avoiding homework like the plague, like always. Oh college. Such great adventures. Here are a few pictures from the adventures of the past few days.

I love her oh so much.

Yes, she likes to pretend to be a model while she puts on her make up haha
Jessi avoiding pictures because she is turning red
this would have been a cute heart but Jessi hit the break in the middle of it so it got deformed haha
I had to clean out the fridge.... we say we have no food but this picture begs to differ. We have a completely FULL fridge.

Rearranging furniture. It started turning into the ultimate lava game for a bit there....
and somehow things started ending up in my room
Sarah slaving away while Jessi sits back, eats, and watched her movie hahaha

Moving couches around trying to decide where they should go next. It took a lot out of us
This was our timeout chair for a few minutes ha
I was tired. I didn't want to do anymore cleaning.
Jessi and I are just this cool that we can stand on furniture when ever we want.... and surf on it.
hahahahaha Oh Sarah
Jessi looks like she has been doin drugs or something and I look way pale and kinda creeped out.
Walk A Mile in Her Shoes!

This little boy was so cute. The shoes were about double the size of his feet but he went the whole mile in them and was such a trooper.
He was the funniest guy ever. He literally could run in these heels and was chasing people down for donations.
I think these two girls were the sisters of the little boy from above. They were way cute and right before this they were holding hands and singing.

Overall, it has been an eventful week and it's only Wednesday!