Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh the weekends......

Wow, what a weekend. Friday started off kinda slow but then Sammy wanted me and Sarah to go to Angie's with her and some friends to clean the sink. What a great time that was =] Hint though, never get chocolate syrup and caramel syrup together because the ice cream melts fast and then just tastes so gross. Ha. Then we came back and watched the Princess and the Frog (original edition) and hung out. Saturday I hung out with Meg and Alli and we hit up the mall for a while and decided to try out the hurricane simulator.... can you say 80 mile per hour winds?!? way fun. There are videos below..... Then it was just kind of a relaxing afternoon and I didn't do much else. That night I hung out with my friend Carly and we went to a movie and that was just fabulous. Today was church and then I came home and slept for while and then I had the best surprise ever. My amazing friend Bekah drove up from Provo to come and hang out with me. She is just the best and I love her so much. It was so great to see her and to just hang out and play games and stuff. I just love all of my friends, they are awesome. Now, it's off to watch The Blind Side and chill for the rest of the night.... then back to good old school tomorrow. Bleh. Oh well, only 18 more days of classes!!! =D

The one and only Bekah Larsen

Jessi, Sarah, and I have this insane addiction to these
Waiting for Sammy and Angie's
mmmm cleaning the LITERAL sink

Oh, and Alli found this car last night.... it was such a creepy story.... so I just had to take a picture of it to remember the event hahaha.

Below are the Hurricane simulators when Megan, Alli, and I decided to experience a Hurricane in Utah. ha.