Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love spring. It is definitely my favorite season. Summer gets to be too hot and winter too cold and fall is just bleh. But, Logan has officially decided to let spring come! I love it! Today it was almost 60 and I was in heaven. I do not like the fact that gas prices seem to shoot through the roof though during spring. All of a sudden gas was over $3.00/gallon. I about had a heart attack. I have had such a great day enjoying this lovely spring-ness. This afternoon, Megan, Alli, and I were wanting pastries so Megan and I googled to see if there were any good ones worth trying here in Logan and we found this place called Sweetly Divine. Wow. SOOOOOOO good. It's just this cute little shop next to Spoon Me and it was heavenly. We decided to order to go so that we could go down to the island and go to Merill Olsen Park and enjoy the sun. It was sooo good. After laying in the sun and talking for a little bit we came home and just enjoyed the sun more. There were a ton of people outside playing volleyball, frolf, frisbee, football, and much more. There was music going and just a great time. I did some homework then Megan, Alli, and I decided to go for a walk since it's so nice. I love the feeling of spring. All of that vitamin D really makes you happy! I am so glad that it is April and that spring has decided to come on by. I sure have missed it. It has just been a great day. I also FINALLY got all registered for next semester which is defintely a load off of my shoulders. Now I just have to wait for my stupid test tomorrow and get through my long day and I'll be set for the weekend! Friday is Megan's birthday and the True Aggie Dance/Night so there will definitely be lots of partying. Can't wait. =]

Sarah found this picture and I stole it from her because I just love it so much.

This is how amazingly blue the sky is today. <3
Such a perfect day.

I.Love.Spring. =D