Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Come What May & Love It

Okay. So in econ, we have a very funny teacher. Today he was trying to do some stuff on the computer and every time he opened interenet explorer it wasn't what he wanted and so he kept closing the screen as the whole class was trying to tell him that what he wanted was just on a different tab. He didn't understand which was just quite hilarious. It took awhile before he figured it out. Good times.
Then, today while running errands with Chelsey and Sarah, we were searching through the very few radio stations that Logan has to offer and a song came on and some of the only words we heard were "bedroom gangster" so now that is my new nickname/saying hahaha. Love it
The other night, Megan, Alli, and I ran to the store to get a few things and came back with Scooters (Cheerios). I was in their room on Megan's bed with her eating a bowl and Alli came in and looked at us and was like "Did someone make popcorn while I was in the bathroom?" We both just kinda looked at her and out of wit I said, "Maybe it's my scooters." Alli slowly came toward me and was smelling them and determined that my cereal smells like popcorn. haha. Things get so interesting in our apartment at times.
Okay, so at least three times a week I see this strange guy riding a cute, bright pink Vespa that is definitely way to small for him. It totally makes my day every time. =]
Sunday night when I got back from Provo, it was pretty late and all of a sudden Jessi, Sarah and I got in a crazy mood. I decided to get IN my closet and hide and Sarah and Jessi were getting under her bed and bein crazy and the whole time the lights were off and it was just strange. Sometimes we get to be way weird and crazy but I love it.
Bryan comes home from his mission on Friday. This is probably the weirdest thing to think about other than the fact that I am now 19. It is all so weird how fast time just flies by these days. Lately, I have been learning to love what comes my way. Otherwise, life would be too difficult. Check out the video on the post below this of Joseph B. Wirthlin. It's spectacular.

Two quotes for the day just because I feel like it....

"The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

"The purpose of getting an education is to learn to live well." -Professor Kleiner

And last but not least, pictures.

I've decided. These are going to be my wedding colors/flowers =]

Jessi's weird robot light thing that started all of our crazy acts Sunday night.
Oh my oh my oh my
In the 'in between' of Logan and Narnia.
Coming back out. ha
My mommy sure knows what I need for my birthday. =]
So I sat on the couch backwards to try to lay like Jessi but I learned back way too fast and fell off
The aftermath. ha
Megan's birthday/True Aggie Night/Dance on the Quad!
Woo hoo!
19 is such an odd number. You can't make the candles on a cake anything good. It's terrible.

lets hope that this does not happen on Friday when the boys try to fly home!
I just like this cool picture of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland.

Love this....
and this.... both found at Deseret Book.
Lately I've been learning to take care of friendships because they are very fragile.


Time for NCIS =D