Monday, May 31, 2010


So I hate growing up sometimes. I have been thinking about school lately and what I should major in and I can't for the life of me decide on anything. I feel like nothing interests me enough or that I am good enough for. It's such a pain. Part of me doesn't even want to go back to school but whatev. Darn school.
Summer is starting off so uneventful. I guess surgery will do that to ya. Now that I have a smaller cast and can walk things are a bit better, but it still sucks not being able to really walk very well or do much. Story of my life. This surgery better work or I am going to just cut off my ankle. ha. Here are some sweet pictures of the ankle two weeks after surgery when I got my stitches out and a new cast..... enjoy.... but don't be too grossed out! ;)

Dr. Reister's signature still on my leg ha.

and the nurses wrote on me the day of surgery as well
with stitches....
after I got the stitches out. Finally! Yes, I am going to have some seriously awesome scars. :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obsessions and addictions.

I have so many addictions it is kind of ridiculous. This weeks addiction: Grey's anatomy. I have never really watched it before but all of a sudden I just love it. Maybe it is because Patrick Dempsey is so fabulous or maybe it is because I am really just getting that bored of doing NOTHING all the time. I seriously cannot wait until I can walk again. Between having a constant itch all throughout my ankle and foot and sitting doing the same thing day after day and wearing the same clothes and washing my hair in the sink because it takes too much energy to do anything else, I think I deserve it to be Tuesday already. 13 days is WAY too long for anyone to be on crutches, especially me.
I also am obsessed with love movies lately. I have always loved them, I'm a girl what do you expect, but, and once again maybe it is because I sit here not able to do much but really watch tv, but lately I just really have a craving for chick flicks. I'm pathetically addicted and obsessed with them. Oh well. Now that I have rambled for no good apparent reason about absolutely nothing except my addiction to Grey's Anatomy and chick flicks (but who doesn't), it's time for more Grey's Anatomy and the lovely McDreamy and McSteamy. Oh TV......

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A brief trip down memory lane

So, in my many hours and hours of boredom this past week, I was going through some of the 600 pictures that I have on my phone, and decided that some of them may have been post worth because they were all just awesome memories and so this post may just be for me and my memory more than anyone or anything else, but I am doing it anyway. So here are some pictures from the past few months. Maybe one of these days I will actually keep up with my goal and post nearly everyday and have actual awesome posts instead of just random junk that my life is filled with lately. Who knows though.
*A little overview of the pat few days, Tuesday Bryan left for his big move to CALIFORNIA. Lucky him :) Then, I went to Stony Creek's field day with Robin because I NEEDED to get out of the house. It was just fun to get out and relax outside. Then, I saw Hanna for a little bit too which was fun to catch up a little bit and dear sweet Diane Wilcox stopped by to drop off a couple of games for me. I just love her. She is bringing me lunch tomorrow and I am so excited to catch up with her. Then, my mom and I watched Dancing With the Stars which was so fun because amazing Utah Valley University Ballroom Dance Team was on the collegiate dance competition and they were so amazing! Getting a 29/30 points from the judges and such amazing support viz viewers voting from home, the are competing in the Finals next week against I believe Purdue. Should be great fun to watch! Wednesday, I was so exhausted from the adventures of Tuesday that I just watched TV all day and tried to relax. Today was great because I went to lunch at Qdoba with Chelsea and Becca. It was so fun to catch up with them over everything that has been going on in our lives over the past 5 months. Now, here I sit, watching Harry Potter and sitting in the basement, alone, again. Story of my life lately. I cannot wait until I am no longer on crutches and have more freedom. Surgery is such an annoyance. I definitely do not recommend it to anyone. Ever. Hopefully this is the last time that I have to have any surgery on this dumb ankle of mine. Tomorrow is FINALLY Friday, thank goodness. Only 5 more days until the cast gets changed!!! It needs to get here NOW. Well, enjoy my brief walk down a short memory lane for now. :)

This one is to my fabulous best friend, SarahMarieDawnDayLatte ;)

Sometime at the beginning of fall semester, maybe September-ish, we (Sarah, Devin, and myself) needed to go grocery shopping and while we were at Walmart, Sarah decided that she was going to ride in the cart, so, here she is. Gotta love that girl.

While at Walmart, we found sunggies for dogs; too weird.

Meg and I went to Taco Bell maybe a week before I left and somehow my wrapper turned into a Bean Burrito bandanna.

During the move to Provo, my bike had to be dis-assembled in order to fit, and then everything was piled in around it.

My Nana's cat, Lucy Lou, loves to drink out of the toilet and it is so weird
I was driving home from the store one day at school and saw this in a parking lot, it was quite disturbing from all angles.
Only in Logan do you see tractors driving around campus; tractors that are three times your height nonetheless.
and then you see tractors parked in parking lots because people drove them to the store!
My amazing roommate, Jessi, took this photo of the Logan temple and I just love it.
Jessi and I moving Sarah's bed in to our room my last night at school
I was driving to get my hair cut and I pulled up to an intersection with this huge pile of glass and rope stuff. It was quite interesting and I had no idea what the heck it was from because there was TONS.
Little Bailey likes to sleep on the recliner with me, and he likes to take over as well sometimes ha
Either my leg was extremely swollen during surgery or all the muscle just decided that it wanted to go away one day. I can definitely stick my hand down my cast and I do not think that that is very good.....
Well hello big, obnoxious, annoying, heavy, ugly white cast, how are you today.
Oh, how I am so glad that I am home and have an oven that ACTUALLY works properly and makes these AMAZINGLY divine cookies =D

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dreams and boredom

Sometimes I have the most bizarre dreams. Last night I think I had about 15 different dreams ranging from going to a museum to see a friends mom because apparently thats where they live, getting emails about grades that aren't even mine, being in a movie, and a ton of other things that I can't remember anymore. I can't wait until I no longer am on crutches and no longer have a cast. It's only Monday and I am so bored. You would think that sitting around not having to do anything and just sleeping and watching movies would be fun but after a couple of days it definitely gets very boring. My arms are so tired and sore from the crutches, I definitely need a massage ha. I want to go and do things but I have absolutely no energy for anything and it's just no fun. I think pretty soon I am going to run out of movies and TV shows to watch haha. Only 8 more days..... then it won't be as bad. If I remember correctly, having the walking cast isn't too bad, just the fact that I can't get it wet kinda sucks because it's a pain to cover so that I can shower. I think I can handle that for 4 weeks. But it should be here now. I am so sick of this no weight thing. We are watching Chris' dogs this week while he is out of town and I just want to play with them and I can't. BOREDOM definitely explains my life right now. Maybe things will get better, but probably not since I am going to be home alone pretty much all week because Bryan is leaving for California tomorrow and my parents have to work. Oh well, I guess quiet alone time isn't all that bad right?

A few special shout outs.....While I was completely laid up having to prop my foot and everything the first couple of days, I had some awesome people looking out for me. My mom and Nana of course, they did everything for me, including staying up half of the night to make sure I was okay. My mom has just been awesome because she gets everything for me and takes such good care of me. I just love her.
Thursday Stacy Howard called to check to see how surgery went, my mom's teammate Pam came by and brought me ice cream and flowers. Friday, Robin came by with Max and Makiah and then Melissa came by with lunch with Jacob and Blake. Kathy Puter called and so did Stacy Howard. It's so great to know that I have these people who care so much and want to make sure I am doing alright. It makes this boring life I live right now bearable.

Friday, May 14, 2010


****WARNING!!!!! Some of these pictures may be slightly disturbing!!****

Okay, so yesterday I had some lovely little surgery on the ankle. They did Evans Reconstruction, as well as another Brostrom procedure. (You can google them to see exactly what they do.) I got to Rocky Mountain Surgery Center at about 7:15, got back in the little room at about 8:00 or so then got changed, stuck with needles and what not, and waited for the doctor until about 9:00 or so. I met with some nurses, the anesthesiologist, and Dr. Riester, who is just awesome. Then the anesthesiologist gave me some medicine that is supposed to help calm your nerves and what not and I don't really remember anything from the point on, even though I was apparently awake haha. The next thing I know I am waking up in Recovery trying to take off my oxygen because I thought that it was my glasses haha. Such a pain. They gave me a ton of different medicines through the IV, then I was finally able to eat some crackers and animal crackers and cran-grape juice which was delicious and then the nurse, Julie, gave me some vicodin because i was starting to feel a little bit of pain in my ankle. Then I was finally able to get dressed and they moved me to a sweet chair recliner thing and then my mom came back and talked with the discharge nurse while I relaxed a little bit. Then my mom went and got the car while I went to the bathroom then we were off! We stopped and got a frosty at Wendy's then I got all situated in the basement..... where my life would be occurring for the next few days ha. I didn't sleep much and didn't really have any problems with pain except for one hour. It's been pretty nice to not have really any pain. I must have a high pain tolerance or something, I love it! Then my mom's teammate, Pam, came by and brought me flowers and amazing Dove chocolate ice cream bars. SO good. =D Anyway, things were great until I got up about 11:45 last night to take some more Vicodin and go to the bathroom. About two minutes after that I got extremely ill and threw up pretty much everything I had eaten the past 4 or 5 hours. Definitely not fun at all. Then I didn't really sleep at all through the night, woke up about every 20 or 30 minutes and was awake from about 2:45-4:30 and then finally slept for 4 solid hours, the longest stretch yet. Good thing my doc gave me anti-nausea medicine. It's working wonders for me now. Nana left this morning to go back to Utah, and I am so glad that she was here and was willing to take care of me through the night when I got sick and was having problems. She is just great. Robin came over with Makiah and Max a little while later and Makiah brought me these cute little fake flowers from the dollar store and Max gave me socks. It was too cute. They hung out for awhile and it was nice to have some company and not just watch TV. Then Melissa came over with Blake and Jacob and brought me lunch. So sweet of her. We talked of awhile and played with her boys and that was just great. Kathy and Stacy have also been calling to check up on me which is so nice of them. I sure am being taken care of. I love having all these people that care so much to make sure I am doing well, especially when I am home alone. They are so awesome. So now here I sit, watching more NCIS being bored and elevating my foot. It has been quite the crazy past like 30 hours and I will be so glad when I no longer have to be on crutches because I am already sick of them. Maybe I'll go take a nap before anyone else comes home or comes over. There are some pictures below, most of which are from the night before the surgery so you can get a slight glimpse of what kind of things my ankle was doing that led to my surgery. ha, warning, some may be a little gross. =D

Gotta love IV'S
After the nurse cleaned my ankle she wrapped it so they knew for sure which ankle they were operating on. They also wrote on it like 5 times.
This cool picture was in my Pre-op room
Oh how I'll miss being able to move my ankle in cool ways

My leg looks anorexic or something here, quite disturbing

swollen, bruised hand. It was a lot worse before
Cute little Jacob
Blake was sharing his Frosty with me and had a huge scoop so he ran over to me so that it wouldn't drip. He is too cute
Then he was sharing with his brother
Darn heavy cast
Flowers from Pam =]
I'll probably update on the good old ankle in a couple days. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All for one and one for all and all for love!

SO pretty much I am just a big slacker again. So much has happened the past couple of weeks it's just insane. Bryan came up to Logan for a night and that was fun. Megan, Sarah, me and Bryan went bowling and watched movies and just hung out. Wednesday after my first class Megan and I went to Salt Lake to drop him off at the airport. We stopped at the Layton Hills mall to get some delicious Chick-fil-a which was awesome. Then when we went to leave, my car wouldn't start... it was quite strange, but don't worry, it started up after a few minutes. Then, on our way back to Logan we hit a little bit of traffic because there was a side on the side of the road that looked like it has rolled and then it was completely torched. Like all that was left was the frame. It looked scary. Then, it was time to pack up a little and study study study! Friday I went to Provo for the weekend to take a bunch of stuff to my Nana's house for the summer so that I wouldn't have to take it all home, it was great. I got some studying done and some sleep as well. Megan and I went to a single's ward in Pleasant Grove that she might be going to in the summer and it was just awesome..... sorta ha. It seemed like they were all older though and it was just interesting. They were mostly girls and it was slightly awkward haha oh well. Then it was back to Logan to study and get ready for the drive HOME. Monday was full of studying and cleaning and packing, it was so busy. Tuesday, I had my Human Development and politics tests. Then more cleaning and packing. It was a bitter-sweet day for sure. That night, my last night in Logan, Sarah and Megan brought their beds into mine and Jessi's room and we had a big sleepover. It was just great. I miss those girls oh so much. Wednesday I had my econ test, got a parking ticket, but got out of having to pay the ticket which was way awesome, and then checked out of my apartment and then drove for 6 hours through Wyoming. I do not ever want to make that drive again. It was soooo boring and miserable. It was nice to have some alone time though and just think and what not. Then I got to Laramie that night and hung out with Laura and we stayed up till like 3 a.m. or so. Wednesday she had a test and then we left for HOME. We stopped at the pull off that they have at the border and took some pictures. I just love being back in Colorado oh so much. I sure have missed it. Thursday night Bryan and I went over to Jackie and Chauncey's place and just hung out with them for a while, had some pizza, and then played Risk. It was quite intense. Friday I got up and cleaned allllllll day and got my haircut. That was exhausting. Saturday I got up and cleaned some more because my Nana was coming in to town for the week. That night, Bryan, Chris, my parents, and Nana and I all went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and it was sooo good. That for sure is my favorite place ever. Sunday was Bryan's homecoming talk and I saw a lot of people that I haven't seen for awhile so that was great. Then there was lots of Sunday naps, which I love, and great dinner. Monday there was the chiropractor/massage which I love. Then the dentist and then pedicures with Bekah. Tuesday I got up and watched one of Melissa's boys and took Mason to his swimming lessons and met Melissa and Blake there and watched Mason and Blake take lessons. They were so cute. Then I went up to Dakota to see some teachers and then picked my brother up at my mom's school. At 9 I went and played volleyball which was great since I won't be able to play for awhile. Today, I had the chance to sleep in but the doctor's office called with a ton of questions so I woke up kinda early. Then watched The Office for awhile, got ready and then went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes with Nana where we saw the lovely Valerie VanHalen and then we went to Walmart and ran into Sis. Ford. It was great to catch up with her as well. And now, here I am, attempting to catch up on blogging since it has been so long. I am sure that a lot more has happened that I just can't remember right now but oh well. It is just great to be home for the summer. Tomorrow I am having surgery which will be a pain but it will be good to get it over with I suppose. Here are some pictures of the past couple of weeks! Enjoy!!


More and more packing.
Completely packed car.... with a bike and all!

oh the memories.
Sarah looked like she was about to get lost in the cupboard
The creepy interesting white substance we found while cleaning
Fridge time
It's okay Sar!
Cleaning out the freezer while taking down lights

Oh how I love her
Miss them both! =D

Sleepover time in our room!
Between me and Sarah we had a LOT of stuff
The empty ness was quite erie

Megan was sad because I was about to leave
Love her!
Bear Lake. I want to live here

Wyoming cows
Wyoming nothingness
huh.... interesting
Don't worry, it's not like it seems. I was definitely on the right side of the road, there was just a truck pulling two other trucks, one of which was going backwards
don't mind the double chin, I was just falling off of Laura's bed trying to read something on her computer
ha, yes, I am that lazy
the little sink that I washed my hair in
Wyoming snow that we woke up to

So excited to be back
Interesting. How can you be at mile 0 and 299 at the same time! ha

So maybe I miss Logan and my amazing roommates a lot, but I am sure glad to finally be home!