Monday, April 26, 2010

Bryan's home!

So this weekend was just great. Friday, Sarah and I went down to Salt Lake and did a little bit of shopping, very unsuccessfully though. Then I headed up to Bountiful to stay with my Grandpa for the night. We had some dinner and watched Forever Strong and then a little bit of the Nuggets/Jazz game then headed to bed. Saturday morning we headed down to the airport to meet my parents and BRYAN. He just got back from his mission in Romania and it was great to see him. My parents, Bryan and I then all went to Provo for the rest of the weekend. We had to stop at Target so Bryan could get some stuff then we went to my Nana's house then to lunch at Goodwood. It was absolutely delicious. Bryan went and hung out with his friend Kevin and then that night we just hung out and watched The Dark Knight until we all fell asleep haha. Sunday we went to church and saw some people we haven't seen in awhile. After church we ran home and finished cooking the food for lunch then went to the clubhouse for a family lunch with Nana, Chad, Judy, Eric, Elaine, Sam, Rachel, Justin, Grandpa, Emily, and my parents. Then we went back to my Nana's house and just chatted and Bryan showed us all pictures from his mission and it was just great to just be with family and enjoy the weekend. That night I had to take my parents to the airport and then pick up Sarah and head back to good old Logan. On our way back we realized that we are done with school NEXT WEEK. It is so surreal. I will be leaving Logan for good next Wednesday, just over a week. It doesn't seem like it should be time for school to be over already. But I love it. Today Jessi, Sarah and I all did some packing. Jessi is taking a bunch of stuff to Provo for me tomorrow when she goes down for a job interview and that helps me out so so much. This weekend I am going down there and taking the rest of my stuff that I am not taking to Colorado for the summer. As excited as I am to be going home finally, it is quite sad. I am kinda going to miss Logan and I am definitely going to miss my amazing roommates who have made this year so amazing and memorable. Tomorrow Bryan is coming up to hang out and we are going to go rock climbing and stuff then he is headin home on Wednesday. It should be a great time. Now it's time for lame homework. Story of my life. I definitely can't wait for summer, it will be so so nice not to have to worry about any school for three months. =] Here are a couple pictures from the airport.....

my dad was creepin on us while we waiting for Bryan's bag to come

Ya, so he likes to be rude and put me in a head lock. Story of my life

Oh look, he does know how to take a normal picture ;)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Come What May & Love It

I absolutely love this video. Joseph B Wirthlin is such an incredible and wise man. Enjoy!

Come What May & Love It

Okay. So in econ, we have a very funny teacher. Today he was trying to do some stuff on the computer and every time he opened interenet explorer it wasn't what he wanted and so he kept closing the screen as the whole class was trying to tell him that what he wanted was just on a different tab. He didn't understand which was just quite hilarious. It took awhile before he figured it out. Good times.
Then, today while running errands with Chelsey and Sarah, we were searching through the very few radio stations that Logan has to offer and a song came on and some of the only words we heard were "bedroom gangster" so now that is my new nickname/saying hahaha. Love it
The other night, Megan, Alli, and I ran to the store to get a few things and came back with Scooters (Cheerios). I was in their room on Megan's bed with her eating a bowl and Alli came in and looked at us and was like "Did someone make popcorn while I was in the bathroom?" We both just kinda looked at her and out of wit I said, "Maybe it's my scooters." Alli slowly came toward me and was smelling them and determined that my cereal smells like popcorn. haha. Things get so interesting in our apartment at times.
Okay, so at least three times a week I see this strange guy riding a cute, bright pink Vespa that is definitely way to small for him. It totally makes my day every time. =]
Sunday night when I got back from Provo, it was pretty late and all of a sudden Jessi, Sarah and I got in a crazy mood. I decided to get IN my closet and hide and Sarah and Jessi were getting under her bed and bein crazy and the whole time the lights were off and it was just strange. Sometimes we get to be way weird and crazy but I love it.
Bryan comes home from his mission on Friday. This is probably the weirdest thing to think about other than the fact that I am now 19. It is all so weird how fast time just flies by these days. Lately, I have been learning to love what comes my way. Otherwise, life would be too difficult. Check out the video on the post below this of Joseph B. Wirthlin. It's spectacular.

Two quotes for the day just because I feel like it....

"The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

"The purpose of getting an education is to learn to live well." -Professor Kleiner

And last but not least, pictures.

I've decided. These are going to be my wedding colors/flowers =]

Jessi's weird robot light thing that started all of our crazy acts Sunday night.
Oh my oh my oh my
In the 'in between' of Logan and Narnia.
Coming back out. ha
My mommy sure knows what I need for my birthday. =]
So I sat on the couch backwards to try to lay like Jessi but I learned back way too fast and fell off
The aftermath. ha
Megan's birthday/True Aggie Night/Dance on the Quad!
Woo hoo!
19 is such an odd number. You can't make the candles on a cake anything good. It's terrible.

lets hope that this does not happen on Friday when the boys try to fly home!
I just like this cool picture of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland.

Love this....
and this.... both found at Deseret Book.
Lately I've been learning to take care of friendships because they are very fragile.


Time for NCIS =D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love spring. It is definitely my favorite season. Summer gets to be too hot and winter too cold and fall is just bleh. But, Logan has officially decided to let spring come! I love it! Today it was almost 60 and I was in heaven. I do not like the fact that gas prices seem to shoot through the roof though during spring. All of a sudden gas was over $3.00/gallon. I about had a heart attack. I have had such a great day enjoying this lovely spring-ness. This afternoon, Megan, Alli, and I were wanting pastries so Megan and I googled to see if there were any good ones worth trying here in Logan and we found this place called Sweetly Divine. Wow. SOOOOOOO good. It's just this cute little shop next to Spoon Me and it was heavenly. We decided to order to go so that we could go down to the island and go to Merill Olsen Park and enjoy the sun. It was sooo good. After laying in the sun and talking for a little bit we came home and just enjoyed the sun more. There were a ton of people outside playing volleyball, frolf, frisbee, football, and much more. There was music going and just a great time. I did some homework then Megan, Alli, and I decided to go for a walk since it's so nice. I love the feeling of spring. All of that vitamin D really makes you happy! I am so glad that it is April and that spring has decided to come on by. I sure have missed it. It has just been a great day. I also FINALLY got all registered for next semester which is defintely a load off of my shoulders. Now I just have to wait for my stupid test tomorrow and get through my long day and I'll be set for the weekend! Friday is Megan's birthday and the True Aggie Dance/Night so there will definitely be lots of partying. Can't wait. =]

Sarah found this picture and I stole it from her because I just love it so much.

This is how amazingly blue the sky is today. <3
Such a perfect day.

I.Love.Spring. =D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh the weekends......

Wow, what a weekend. Friday started off kinda slow but then Sammy wanted me and Sarah to go to Angie's with her and some friends to clean the sink. What a great time that was =] Hint though, never get chocolate syrup and caramel syrup together because the ice cream melts fast and then just tastes so gross. Ha. Then we came back and watched the Princess and the Frog (original edition) and hung out. Saturday I hung out with Meg and Alli and we hit up the mall for a while and decided to try out the hurricane simulator.... can you say 80 mile per hour winds?!? way fun. There are videos below..... Then it was just kind of a relaxing afternoon and I didn't do much else. That night I hung out with my friend Carly and we went to a movie and that was just fabulous. Today was church and then I came home and slept for while and then I had the best surprise ever. My amazing friend Bekah drove up from Provo to come and hang out with me. She is just the best and I love her so much. It was so great to see her and to just hang out and play games and stuff. I just love all of my friends, they are awesome. Now, it's off to watch The Blind Side and chill for the rest of the night.... then back to good old school tomorrow. Bleh. Oh well, only 18 more days of classes!!! =D

The one and only Bekah Larsen

Jessi, Sarah, and I have this insane addiction to these
Waiting for Sammy and Angie's
mmmm cleaning the LITERAL sink

Oh, and Alli found this car last night.... it was such a creepy story.... so I just had to take a picture of it to remember the event hahaha.

Below are the Hurricane simulators when Megan, Alli, and I decided to experience a Hurricane in Utah. ha.




Friday, April 9, 2010


So it's FINALLY FRIDAY! Thank goodness. I am actually staying in Logan this weekend, shocker I know. ha. Today Megan and I had some fabulous quality time together and we decided that the texting Gods really wanted us to spend time together because no one texted us the entire time we were together. Crazy.

Funny thing, this morning when I was on the bus on my way to class, I looked out the window of the bus to see a biker racing a bus going the opposite way down the hill on 800 East. It was quite the site until the bus totally flew by him. It was highly entertaining.

Then, I was sitting in Philosophy class and I realized that every single one of my classes is in a room that has NO windows. I feel somewhat confined in class lately, especially since it is Spring now and it is FINALLY starting to warm up some. It's weird that I just noticed it today. I also realized that the desks that are attached to the chairs are wayyyyy too small. Most of the little desks are at least half the size of every notebook I have. It is so stupid. Did they not think about the fact that the people who would be using the desks are COLLEGE STUDENTS and will be taking notes all the time......

It was quite an interesting day to say the least. I am so ready for summer it is ridiculous. Oh well. It'll be here before I know it, hopefully.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy, busy, busy.....

Wow, college can be so crazy. Especially as a new season is trying to sneak in and the end of the year is approaching. Since last week the snow has melted, snowed again, and stuck around. This past weekend was Conference and Easter. What a great combination. I was able to go to Provo on Thursday night and play with Sarah at my Nana's house and then Friday we went to see The Last Song. It was actually not too bad. Saturday I listened to Conference all day, cleaned out Nana's refrigerator, pantry, and the area above her washer and dryer. It definitely got me prepared to come back to school because Monday we found out we had CLEANING CHECKS today. Stupid. Saturday night I hung out with Bekah, I just love her and hanging out with her. Sunday was more conference and then delicious Easter dinner and my aunt and uncle's. Sooooo good. I love homemade dinners like Elaine's. They are so good. Then Megan and I trekked back on up to good ole Logan and then went and hung out with some of her friends and watched Iron Man. It was quite an eventful weekend. Monday and Tuesday were filled with school and TONS of studying because Tuesday I had a international politics test. Bleh. Monday afternoon at like 4:30, Sara from across the hall came over and convinced me to play a song for the ward talent show.... don't worry, it was at 6:00 and I haven't played the piano in WEEKS. It was quite interesting to say the least. Then, it snowed AGAIN! I am getting tired of snow. I just want warm weather. I mean, it is April after all. Tuesday after my test we got cleaning. Jessi and I cleaned the kitchen for a good 3 hours that night and then spent and hour and a half with Sarah cleaning the living room and rearranging furniture and what not. It was such an adventure. I love those two girls. I am so glad they are my best friends/roommates. Today I woke up completely EXHAUSTED. It was so hard to go to my 8:30 class, but I went. Then came home and continued to clean, mostly my room, showered, went to class at 12:30 and then at 1:30 Chelsey convinced me to go do the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" that they do every year. It is to help raise awareness and prevent rape. Guys sign up and walk a mile around campus in high heels (it's surprising how good some of them are!!) and girls walk with them and they collect donations as the walk and have signs and it is jut a cool experience. Then it was back to the apartment for a little more cleaning, then watched Parenthood (probably my new favorite show) and had our clean check..... and guess what! WE PASSED! thank goodness because last time there were a few things that we missed so we had to have it rechecked. Such a pain. But then it was nap time for me which was splendid. Now I'm here eating vegetables and avoiding homework like the plague, like always. Oh college. Such great adventures. Here are a few pictures from the adventures of the past few days.

I love her oh so much.

Yes, she likes to pretend to be a model while she puts on her make up haha
Jessi avoiding pictures because she is turning red
this would have been a cute heart but Jessi hit the break in the middle of it so it got deformed haha
I had to clean out the fridge.... we say we have no food but this picture begs to differ. We have a completely FULL fridge.

Rearranging furniture. It started turning into the ultimate lava game for a bit there....
and somehow things started ending up in my room
Sarah slaving away while Jessi sits back, eats, and watched her movie hahaha

Moving couches around trying to decide where they should go next. It took a lot out of us
This was our timeout chair for a few minutes ha
I was tired. I didn't want to do anymore cleaning.
Jessi and I are just this cool that we can stand on furniture when ever we want.... and surf on it.
hahahahaha Oh Sarah
Jessi looks like she has been doin drugs or something and I look way pale and kinda creeped out.
Walk A Mile in Her Shoes!

This little boy was so cute. The shoes were about double the size of his feet but he went the whole mile in them and was such a trooper.
He was the funniest guy ever. He literally could run in these heels and was chasing people down for donations.
I think these two girls were the sisters of the little boy from above. They were way cute and right before this they were holding hands and singing.

Overall, it has been an eventful week and it's only Wednesday!