Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flowers 'n Squeeze 'n Stuff

1. I have THE greatest mom in the world. She is in the Young Womens presidency in our ward and they had a little overnight retreat Wednesday to Thursday. Today, being Thursday and the bulk of their retreat, I was home alone all day, and of course, got extremely sick from the anesthesia and Lortab. Very very ill. Multiple episodes of vomiting followed by a very intense dizzy feeling, and a great feeling of wanting everything I can't have, but not being hungry at all. It was such a great day, NOT. My dear sweet mommy came home around lunch time with a delicious treat from Sonic that helped, and she made me some mac'n'cheese which was delicious and made sure I was going to be okay before she went back to the retreat. Then she came home tonight and washed my sheets on my bed for me and made me delicious dinner and a milkshake. Soooo good =] Love you mommy dear!!

2. My brother is super awesome as well. He texted me yesterday to make sure I was doing okay, and then he came over today to do a couple of things and get his dogs and he brought me my favorite from Squeeze. Orange cream slush anyone? So good. Then he proceeded to help me figure out stuff for finding books for next year. Thanks Chris! (Bryan is also great because he has texted me multiple times from California to check on me and see how things are going. I'm so lucky to have great brothers.)

3. There is this best friend of mine, well actually two. Laura brought me ice cream last night when I was completely out of it after she got back from Wyoming, and the sweet Bekah came over unexpectedly tonight with flowers and a card and her loving self to check on me and chat and see how things were going. We talked wedding plans and caught up a little and vented a bit about life before she had to go, but even in her busy schedule she was able to fit me in and be spectacular! I knew there was a reason they are my best friends! Robin and Melissa have also checked in on me through phone calls and texts the past two days, knowing that I was going to probably have a bad reaction to pain killers or something. They are great. Robin and I have an ice cream date next week which I can't wait for since I have to leave next week =[ Sad day. But all in all, I have great friends.

Overall, today was pretty sucky. Yesterday I slept most of the day because of the anesthesia and today I was just super sick all day and my mom and I decided it was because of the Lortab. Awesome fun. I feel pretty lucky though because I really have not had much of any swelling at all except just a little on one side. And the pain has been very tolerable... so far. We'll see if it all lasts. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so I sure better be feeling better when I wake up! Wish me luck!