Wednesday, July 21, 2010

While you were out....

So last week my parents and Chris went to Utah for 9 days and left me here to deal with all the animals..... what an adventure that was. HA! Three dogs and a cat later combined with a chaotic busy schedule that hardly left me home to deal with it meant pure exhaustion. It all started with me babysitting the Anderson's 4 kids for 5 days (Wednesday-Monday). Saturday night I came home to check on the dogs and discovered all three of them sitting in my front yard at 10:00 pm. Sunday morning I discovered their brilliant escape route.... They chewed a hole in the freaking fence. I told Chris and he came to see if he could put stuff up to keep the dogs from getting out until they could come home and fix it. I thought that worked..... until I get a call Tuesday from my next door neighbor saying Jada was out front; what a pain. Tuesday and Thursday all day I went up to Girl's Camp to help out with some stuff and I was so exhausted I am surprised I survived the drive. I also went up there Wednesday morning for a couple of hours before going home to babysitt for 5 hours. Wednesday I finally had a couple of hours to rest and boy was it needed since I had to drive back down to camp Thursday. Friday there was more babysitting and swimming with the dear children. Saturday I had to work all day and then Laura and I went out and about to downtown Littleton.... more on that later. hahaha. So while everyone was gone, I hit complete exhaustion where my body just would not even function anymore and every emotion I have ever felt was flooding me like crazy for hours, the darn puppy Bailey chewed up half of the solar lights in the back yard, they chewed a hole in the fence, Bailey chewed a hole through a METAL fence, Jada somehow found tons of wood to chew on everyday, the rug in my room became covered in dog hair, I got kicked out of my bed like 50 times by all three dogs because they felt the need to take over, I woke up way too early every day because they wouldn't leave me alone and stop licking me until I let them out, I cleaned the house and made dinner for the parents for when they came home, and all in all, I really enjoyed the quiet that I did have. =] What a week.

Cute Jada after she was attacking the hose
Ya, she makes me laugh because she sleeps in such funny positions

Somehow I managed to get my car keys stuck in my trunk..... probably because I was in such a hurry all week

The hole they chewed in the fence (you can see stuff in the background to try to keep the dogs from getting through again).

The hole Bailey chewed through the METAL fence... crazy dog.