Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The adventures of Laura and Lindsay

Sometimes I wonder about the things Laura and I do.... haha. Since she is only home for 3 1/2 days at a time, there isn't a ton of time to do stuff, but we manage to anyway. We went to Lookout Mountain on night, a Rockies game, downtown Littleton.... and more. Here are a few pictures to recap some of the adventures where we remembered to take pictures ha.


Table Mountain I believe

Denver =]

Rockies game! (where we ran into/sat behind some interesting people and it was a very interesting Friday night.)

Crazy clouds

I love love love Coors field

The fireworks...... next time I am for sure getting tickets in the RockPile so I can sit on the field for fireworks! haha

This was a way legit fireworks show..... 16th row seats plus an amazing fireworks show all for way cheap= a great night

Goin' to the movies..... before the crazy little Chinese fire drill between the two of us that took place INSIDE my car haha. (Sometimes it's better to just not ask questions when it comes to the things we do ;) )

Drivin' around

We found this crazy little swing on Main Street in downtown Littleton

Creepy tree by the swing haha

and then there was the wind....

and so we decided to just start making weird faces....

what was weird was that we were making very similar faces without even planning it

She was gettin too friendly with the lamp post haha

Well okay then.

$80 wheels... what the! ha

Ya, so we take pictures in the middle of the street for the heck of it haha

and right after this picture I turned to the right and there was a cop coming at me... kinda creepy

All in all we have had some fun times, but the summer is going by soooo fast. It is already almost the end of July and it is so hard to believe. And after today, I am exhausted once again. I guess four miles around the lake and then 45 minutes of hard core-ness at the gym will do that to you.