Friday, December 24, 2010

not me, couldn't be

So I have this awesome friend. Jessi. She was my roommate last year at Utah State and she is just wonderful. I love her to death. Seriously, we had so many wonderful adventures together, especially when we were exhausted and it was late at night hahaha. I am so glad she was my room roommate at school. It was definitely the best. It was always awesome having crazy inside jokes that no one else in the apartment understood. Ha! 
Anyway, last night she sent me a text telling me to check my Facebook because she sent me something. So I grabbed my computer and looked and this is the message she sent me:

On a cold winter day persuasive snow and ice throughout the land,
Black ice hidden from the viewers eye a tragic fall,
a minor bruise anything major?!

Not me couldn't be. 

A peaceful day, a glorious view, a wide open road, cruising to the unknown
a tragic crash a minor bruise. Anything major? 

Not me couldn't be. 

The perfect day. A dream come true with a picture perfect life of health and cheer. 

A tragic cold a weaknd body anything major
Not me couldn't be.

Perhaps we hear a lifetime of "no not me that could never happen to me it may happen to others but not me couldn't be." What happens when the day cones when the roller coaster takes and unexpected twist and it is you? What do you do when the first tear drop falls and the reality sets? Maybe the truth of it is, we all have a day when the heartbreaking trail is on your front door. The question is what road do you take? Do you take the higher road and fully give yourself to Christ having complete faith, hope and will to endure to endure to the end? Or do you hop of the roller coaster and mutter "not me couldn't be." 

Only you can decide.

(the spaces between lines means nothing.... I just can't make it stay with no spaces)

Don't worry, that awesome roommate I just told you about definitely wrote this last night. She is so talented. I am so lucky to know her and to consider her one of my best friends. Seriously, she is so great, I don't think you even understand. I am sad I no longer live with her because I am certain we would have so many crazy and amazing adventures that one wouldn't know what to do with them all. 

Tuesday night

Tuesday night was such a spectacular night I just need to write a little about it so I do not forget it.
I went over to Damion and Melissa's house for dinner with their SIX boys, Brad and Robin and their four kids, and the missionaries from their ward (Melissa totally forgot she signed up to feed them that night... but the more the merrier right?). So I get there a little early and so I played air hockey with the boys for almost an hour and rode around on scooters and whatnot in their basement until I was completely worn out from all of the children chasing me and tackling me. It was great. Then when Brad and Robin got there we ate! It was delicious. Damion barbecued and it was just all around a good time. Definitely lots of laughs as usual. Damion also made these incredible orange julius' and the Anderson's made DELICOUS cookies that I just could not stop eating. It was definitely chaotic and crazy but so much fun. Then we played Ticket to Ride, and let me tell you. SO MUCH FUN. Robin won even though it was her first time playing... and Damion, who always wins apparently, lost big time because of me. :) ha. It was definitely a great game and a great night with some wonderful people.  

Friday, December 10, 2010

I've got birds in my ears and the devil on my shoulder

Lights at Temple Square

Camille, Jessica, and me

They had way cool lanterns outside and they way they were all lit up looked so pretty but my camera didn't any good pictures with them all lit up but this is what they looked like.

I'm very found of this angle of picture. Just the winter atmosphere is awesome! 

After this picture Camille and Jessica kept trying to get in this one couples picture who were sitting in front of us a little bit and they kept kissing for their pictures so it was pretty entertaining until the guy turned around and we had to scurry away.

This tree was massive and SO bright that if you looked at it for too long you could probably go blind haha. 

Conference Center fountain

Camille is like pro at jumping pictures. This was definitely the first try and everyone after that she was in mid air as well.

This one is just funny because it almost looks photo shopped  and you can't see one of her legs haha

Jessica on the other hand is like me, nearly impossible to time the jump right haha

and then she fell.

Camille's face is just awesome. 

and I look like I'm falling here and Jessica looks like a monkey haha awkward.

As we were going back to the car I looked up at the Conference Center and realized that all along the back side of it are trees on each little level.... Jess says its so it will blend in. haha.

Okay so more about the night: 

*As we drove up to Salt Lake, there was a man running along side the freeway, like in the shoulder. In full running gear. It was odd.
*We also are really good at blasting amazing music and bein crazy and singing super loud and doing crazy car dancing. It's the best ha
*When we went to pick up Jessica (she is living at her cousins house in Thanksgiving Point) we had directions and drove right past it to the very end of the street and thought we would never find it only to discover that it was the very first house on the left... ha.
*Camille's iPod decided to be temperamental and as we got closer to the city she had to hold it up in the air in odd directions so that the radio station wouldn't get all fuzzy. Highly entertaining as she was driving.
*Her car is also like a vortex. It eats things. Like my phone. And it is nearly impossible to find them.
*After finally finding a place to park next to the Conference Center, we decided to get food first because we were starving. So we started walking down random streets (its really inconvenient that the mall is no longer there because its harder to find places to eat without it) Until ending up at Carl's Jr. Mmm the bacon guacamole burger there is SO good. Then we proceeded to stuff ourselves super full and were going to ride tracks back to Temple Square until we realized we were a lot closer than we originally thought. Some random guy asked us for money as we were walking so that he could ride trax back home..... but we didn't have any cash or change, and plus, he was dressed in way nice clothes so it was kinda sketch as to how serious he was  about not having any money or anything. Then we finally ended up back at Temple Square after going by some interesting and kinda creepy old abandoned places. Gotta love downtown.
*After a magnificant time at Temple Square with amazing amazing friends, we started heading home, but the Jazz game had just ended so traffic was a little hectic and instead of turning on 500 S, we ended up just keep going south on whatever street that was haha and ended up in way sketch-ville. All of a sudden the road just kind of made a way sharp turn because of the trax and as we turned it got a little freaky ha. After a few turns and a bit of creepy feeling, we passed the massive new Walmart that is like 5 times the size of any Walmart I have ever seen. It was kind of disgusting. ha. Then we finally made it back to Provo :)

It seriously is so great to have amazing friends. I'm sad Jessica is going back to Idaho next semester so we won't really be able to hang out but it's been great hanging out with her this semester. 
I really do believe in tender mercies from the Lord as well. When I first moved to Provo I was a bit worried about going to a new ward and not knowing anyway and having it be a hard adjustment, but the very first Sunday I was there I met Camille and since we are both residential's in our ward we became quick friends and she has been such a blessing and answer to prayers. As we were driving to Provo we were just talking about all kinds of things. it's so great to have friends that you can talk to about anything and who understand what you are going through and that you can have so much fun with.  (As it turns out Camille is in the same major as me! ha) It was such a great evening and I am so glad that I was finally able to go see the lights at Temple Square because I have never been before and it was truly so incredible and such a great experience. I definitely will be going every year from now on :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A spoonful of sugar

Weekends. They can go one of two ways. and sometimes two of two ways. Either completely amazing or ridiculously boring. This past weekend? Super fantastic :) Pretty sure I avoided 98.3% of all homework as well.
Here's what went down:
Friday morning I had to get up at 5am and take Nana to the airport because she went to Colorado for a few days. Then I proceeded to go to school and be exhausted. Then I came home and watched a movie and did a bit of studying and then went to the Utah Flash game with Jessica because she got free tickets from her work. That was pretty fun, except I definitely like NBA games better because they are not as chaotic and insane. Holy cow, I have never seen so many children at a sporting event before! After that we were going to go see a movie but when we got to the dollar theater all of the good movies were sold our (you would think we live in a college town or something ha!) and so we went and rented a movie instead. I think she left my place around 1:30 am ha. Then on Saturday I slept in a bit then my grandpa called and invited me to the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU so I did that for the afternoon (see below). Then the weekend really got crazy. ha.Camille and Jessica came over and we ordered pizza and watch a chick flick and ate way way way too much junk food and whatnot but it was really fun. At around 1:30 we decided to go get another movie and get some caffeine as well. We were so hyper and going crazy at this point so driving was quite entertaining. Don't worry, we are definitely pro Chinese Fire-drillers without getting caught by cops too :) I know, we pretty much rock. After some interesting adventures at Walmart (that's the only darn place open late with a redbox and food! lame.)We came back here and watched the movie... and both Camille and Jessica fell asleep and surprisingly I stayed awake the entire time which is rare because I take after my mom and am pro at falling asleep during movies especially late at night ha. So around 3:45 Camille went home and Jessica just stayed here so she wouldn't have to drive back to Thanksgiving Point so late. Remarkably, I somehow managed to go to sleep at about 4:15 or so and get up for church at 8:30 AND be on time. So weird. Jessica stayed at my place most of the day and we just watched movies and chilled and slept ha. 
Overall it was a rockin weekend and I'm still exhausted from it, but late night girl parties are so great and so needed every once in awhile :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Carl Bloch and wonderful friends

This morning I got a call from my grandparents. They were going to the Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU Art Museum and had an extra ticket and invited me to go with them. I had nothing else to do (except studying and doing homework hahaha) so I went with them. It was actually really cool. There were a ton of pictures that I had never seen before and I learned a lot of things about the artist who has many famous pictures used throughout the church yet his name is not one you hear very often. This picture below is one I had never seen before but it is now one of my favorites of his:

"Christ and Child"
Copenhagen, 1834

Last night I was able to go to the home opener of the Utah Flash game with Jessica because she got free tickets from her work. It was pretty fun and quite a different experience from NBA games that's for sure. After we were going to go see You Again at the dollar theater but when we got there the whole world was there and all the good movies were sold out so we went and rented New Moon (there was nothing else worth getting and we decided we were in a twilight mood hahaha) and got some food then went back to my place.Tonight will continue our twilight mood because we are watching Eclipse later and Camille is also going to come hang out with us. Pretty sure pizza will also be involved. Who needs to study for finals when you've got great friends to hang out with! Haha. 

Dear five in the AM

Dear 5am,
you suck.
just thought you should know.
i really thought after high school i would never have to see you again.
please don't come around again any time soon.
that'd be great.

morning-hater Lindsay