Monday, February 8, 2010

Here's to nothin'

Well, yes, I have given into the pressure of getting a blog. Let's just see how many college adventures and happenings I can fit into one website shall we? Why not start with today.... Sometimes I wonder why on earth I ever ride the campus bus in the middle of the day, especially after econ. It's is torture and basically just awkward beyond belief. I often ask myself how so many people can fit on an already full bus. I swear, everytime the bus pulls up and it is full, at least 15 more people squeeze their way on; today was no exception. As we waited in the bitter cold of good ol' Logan, Utah, the bus sat at the stop before ours for nearly 10 minutes as people piled on. As it pulled away, another bus pulled up behind it, which is odd becasue they are never right next to each other. As the first bus proceeded to pull up to our stop, of course it was full, but we piled on anyway, being shoved, literally, by the driver to keep moving back. Sure enough, at least 15 people go on. As Sarah, Derek, Chad, and I tried to stay in one place and hold on becasue the driver was a crazy one, moments of laughter filled the bus partly becasue we were literally inches from each others faces and awkwardly close to strangers. I swear, Sarah needs to grow a few inches or we will all fall over from her falls one of these days. ;) Needless to say, it was uncomfortable, yet highly entertaining and college tends to be these days. Much to my surprise, one of my AMAZING roommates had made me lunch when I came home =] I sure do live with truly amazing girls. They make sure I get my homework done when I definitely do not want to, like tonight. Then there is econ, which is always a hoot. Our professor definitely tries to hard to be funny, but a lot of the time it pays off. Some day I might just fall and get trampled becasue I always forget that there are steps next to the chairs. It is quite the class. After an epic adventure on the bus, I found I had TWO letters in the mail today. Yes, two. I felt so loved. :) They made my day. Missionaries and just so amazing. After much of a boring afternoon avoiding homework like the plague, Megan and I ventured into the cold to go to Walmart and Lee's to begin my homework. Yes, I had to measure the height of water fountains and bathroom sinks, mirrors, and doors. It was quite interesting and I had many off looks, especially from employees. Let's just say that 18 credits sure does keep me busy. Along with being blessed with amazing roommates, I have some of the most amazing friends known to earth. Even from Wyoming, Laura still seems to be just a short drive away and she still keeps helping me with my homework. I definitely can't wait for Spring Break when she comes to Utah to party it up! =] Sarah Day, how I just love this girl. She can make me laugh all day any day. She is amazing beyond belief and she such an amazing friend and example to me. Funny thing... Laura and Sarah are my two best friends and they have the same birthday ha. Crazy. Then there is Bekah. I do not know what I would do without her even though she lives in Provo. We tell each other pretty much everything and hanging out with her on the weekends I am down there is just amazing because I don't have to ever worry about anything and she always has an answer to any and all my problems, even the stupidest and craziest ones ha. Then there is of course, my mother, who I love more than anyone. I miss her so much and love every conversation I have with her and every chance I get to call her. I can't wait till this summer when I get to go home and spend more time with her. Colorado just sounds amazing right now.
Philosophy calls, yet again, because this stupid paper will not go away so I must finish. But, before I do, here are a few photos to bein this journey of blogging of the first few weeks of a new semester.....
So the first two are from last semester but I just love them. Sarah, me, Jessi, and Megan gettin ready for some delicious A&W burgers on Halloween.
I just love her. She is so much fun and hilarious.

In January, we spent a night down at Alli's house because we had a long weekend.... Jessi's cookies are the best I have ever had.

Yah, we had an adventure in the snow and yes I was wearing shorts while tackleing people and having a party.

Lovingly, Lindsay