Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Goal

Okay, I have decided I have a new goal.... to try to write on this darn thing four times a week. I am terrible! Haha. So let me fill you in (and remind myself) of some of the happenings in my life these days in good old Logan, Utah!
Here in 104, we love strawberry milkshakes. It is always a bad thing if I make them with Jessi and Sarah around becasue we get CRAZY! So, the other day, we decided we wanted some so I made them and Megan and Alli were talking and were like, "wouldn't it be so funny if when you turned on the blender it all came out the top??" just jokingly of course, but sure enough, i had a problem. I had poured it into the cups and went to unplug the blender and out of no where my cup just falls. it hit the ground so hard it went EVERYWHERE, literally everywhere. On three walls, the stove, over AND under the stove light, up to the cieling, all over the ground, everywhere. I was still finding spots three days later. It was pretty much rediculous. Needless to say, I didn't get my milkshake that day and I continued to have horrible luck in the kitchen all week. Story of my life haha. Here are a couple of pictures of proof.....

Stupid milkshakes.....
New adventure.... so one night, me, Sarah, Jessi, and Chelsey decided it would be brilliant to go get cookie dough, vanilla coke, and ice cream.... and we were already all super hyper. It was quite the night of laughter.... and I don't really even remember why everything was so funny but it was great. I discovered that I am EXTREMELY OCD when it comes to eating ice cream out of the carton. Don't mess with my ice cream, just ask Jessi, bad things happen.

Jessi tried to dig a lake to the bottom of the carton and when I noticed I about had a heartattack. The ice cream has to stay in an even layer when its being eaten of it drives me insane. haha. wierd I know.

This is Sarah and Jessi doing something from Avatar and me in the corner dying of laughter becasue of that and something that had just happened previously but I can't remember what.

I just LOVE them. Seriously my best friends here. I don't know what I would do with out the most amazing roommate ever and such an amazing friend (who is about to become a new roommate!! =])

And then there is Chelsey.... I love her. She is so rediculiuosly funny, I am so glad she is in my apartment too =]
Needless to say, that was quite the adventurous night. I love those girls oh so much. =]