Friday, February 24, 2012

Why I have super awesome parents

Today I got my computer back... and I am struggling to type on it correctly. The reason this makes my parents super awesome? Well for the past couple of weeks while I have not had my computer, I have had one of theirs! You see, a few days after my computer went on the fritz and I took it in to get fixed, they sent over one of their laptops from Colorado for me to use while mine was gone. They are so awesome. They did this last time my computer had problems as well and it has been so helpful, especially with all of the crazy amounts of school work that I do online. Thanks mom and dad!!!

I also FINALLY picked up a bunch of my pictures from my Israel trip today, and I must say, they turned out SOOOOO great! I spent nearly 2 hours going through them today and just remembering all of the different places we went and all of the things that we saw. That really was such an amazing trip for me and I am so grateful I was able to go (another reason my parents are so great! They were the ones who paid for me to go!)

On a side note, I have a new addiction this week, well actually two. Double Stuf Oreos and the TV show Shark Tank! It is oh so good and everyone should watch it!
And now, I must get back to studying for midterms :/ Oh what a week I have had, and mostly in the not-so-great-and-stressful kind of way, but that's life I suppose.