Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life's sweet little moments

While at work recently I have started really appreciating quiet time in my life, now more than ever. Three little boys can get EXTREMELY loud, but I just love it. Today while the oldest was at school, I was home with the other two. The baby fell asleep and the three year old quickly after him. I sat on the couch with him laying on my lap sleeping soundly...until he started mumbling in his sleep and snoring because he has a cold. Little ones are so so cute when they sleep. Anyway, I sat there for nearly two hours in just silence and did homework. Usually when I do homework I put some music on or have the TV on or something but not today. It's amazing how often as humans we feel the need to always have noise in our lives. It is near impossible to do things without some sort of background noise. I get ready for school in the mornings listening to music, I drive to school and work with the radio on, there is always background noise of the TV or kids playing vigorously at work, and even putting the kids to bed requires music. But, I am quickly learning to appreciate the little things in life these days. Like peace and quiet. Or when a 3 year old tells you that you are their best friend because you are wearing a spider man band aide. Or when that same three year old just wants to snuggle and watch a movie with you. Or when you pick a child up for school and they are so thrilled to tell you about their day and what the did in school. Little kids really are the greatest, even when they are wild and crazy. I thoroughly enjoy my job. And life is just great these days.

Oh yes, Spider-man rules.