Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It is finally November. November and I have a very strong love/hate relationship. I love it because of the weather. I am a sucker for winter weather. I enjoy winter so much more than summer. Thanksgiving is also in November which means a break from school and lots and lots of delicious food. :) While Thanksgiving may provide a break from school, November tends to be the hardest month to survive for me. This is the time of the semester where EVERYTHING adds up, and adds up fast. Every class and every teacher wants all these big projects to be due this month, and generally they will fall to be due within a week or so of each other. Oh the stress. It also means that the semester is almost over which means it is almost time for finals. I dread finals. Just the stress and anxiety of them make me go crazy. Two of my favorite people happen to have birthdays this month too which just adds to the fun and excitement. Yet, despite how insanely busy this month is, I still love it. 

So please, November, be good to me this year. 

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering,
in THREE weeks I am going to Colorado
in SIX weeks I am going to ISRAEL! 

Be jealous people, be very jealous. Life here is good.