Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10

I love days like today. When you are at school and everyone is rushing around trying to get to their next class or to work or to take a test and everyone is just moving along all together yet all alone at the same time. It's that one single moment where you feel like you are just in a haze doing the same exact thing you have done for months now, walking the same paths, parking in the same spot, etc, that a single moment can pull you out and make you realize the beauty of each day. Today I am thankful for guys who hold doors open for you. Strangers. And not because you are literally on their heels walking behind them. I'm talking about the ones who go out of their way to do it. Like they are leaving a building when you are going in and they see you coming, even if you are still 6 or 7 steps away, they wait and hold the door till you get there. And when you say "Thank you" they even respond with a pleasant "You're welcome". Those are the guys to be thankful for. 

I knew chivalry wasn't dead...