Thursday, September 29, 2011

You have been Bamboozled!

Do you ever have nights where you just can't sleep? No matter what you do, or how tired or late it is, sleep just doesn't come. The past few weeks that is exactly what my life has been like. Take right now for instance... it is 3:00 in the morning and I am still wide awake even though I have a headache and am super tired. I just can't sleep. I have been laying here in the dark staring at the ceiling for nearly four hours now and nothing has changed. I really hate insomnia. I know that at school later I am going to hate it and be completely exhausted, but yet I still can't sleep. Hey sleep fairy! Come visit me please!! 

In other news, I almost got eaten by an elevator tonight. You see, I have, or should I said had, this crazy love for the elevators in the library at school because they are just so fantastic and amazing and FAST! Of all things, they are fast which is probably the coolest thing about them. So after a crazy three hour study session with some friends, which also involved some throwing of food, extreme laughter, people watching, and indeed lots of studying, we decided to call it quits and head home. As we go to embark the elevator, I am the last one to enter and I was preoccupied with socializing that I did not realize how far behind the others I was and that the doors were about to close so right as I begin to step through to get on, the doors start to close on me! Never-mind that I was there, the doors didn't care, they just continued to close, and as like everything else about these elevators, they close fast! So of course I jumped and tried to move quickly out of the way, meanwhile laughing hysterically because of my over the top reaction...go figure.Then, I backed in to the corner to relive the happy, joyful moment of the elevator almost eating me and when we got down to the first floor moments later, as I tried to disembark, I found I was somehow attached to the rails and the elevator was pulling me back. So much for getting off! Haha. I finally untangled myself and was able to get out, with many laughs all the way out to the car. Lets just say, three hours of studying in the library and leaving at 10:30 seems to make me a little slap happy. Darn school and studying... 

And for the entertainment of the night... or day.... or whatever it is right now. One of my favorite clips from Friends. I swear this show is one of the greatest of all time and it makes me laugh every time. So for you, you have all been BAMBOOZLED! Enjoy!