Friday, June 15, 2012

Nothing new

Have I ever mentioned how much I really hate traffic?

Well I do. I get massive road rage sometimes, especially if people are just being idiots for no reason. 
Yesterday this happened. I was driving home from American Fork and just cruisin along the freeway listening to some Kenny Chesney when all of a sudden BAM! massive traffic overload at Orem Center Street Exit. It took me 4 lights to even get off the off ramp and turn on to Center Street. And then there was just one lane. And it took me 45 minutes to get from the off ramp to my house, which should take about 12 minutes normally. 
Definitely not what I call a good time. 

The reason for so much traffic? CONSTRUCTION.

Oh, and I also really despise construction.

Did you that here is Utah right now there is construction EVERYWHERE? It really gets me. 

Then today, I get to school and as am walking along trying to get to class, I come across this beauty. is beauty the right word? I think not...

Don't worry. That's the way I need to go to get to my first class.
I guess I didn't really need to be on time anyway right?
More reason I hate construction. 

Then continuing on my issue of "road rage", as I walked from the PS to the LA buildings (the are connected inside by walking through the new science building and the PE building), I was almost taken out by middle school basketball players being idiots in the hall. I just need to get to class people! Why is this so difficult today??

Now you know. I have road rage (maybe you already knew that though). 
and. I hate construction, 
with a passion. 

Oh thank goodness it is Friday.