Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Memorial Day: Part II

So right now I am at work. And it is extraaa quiet. But that is only because the baby is asleep and the others are with their grandma. It's so weird though because I am not used to quiet, and when it is quiet, that's when I start to worry. Go figure. 

Anyway... here are the promised pictures from my awesome California trip a few weeks ago. I got there Friday afternoon and Bry picked me up from the airport and we went to lunch at this way good wrap and burger place. He was able to take a little time off to eat before he had to head back to work. So while he was at work and I was at their apartment waiting for Nereida to get off of work, I took a test. Go figure. School just NEVER ends for me. Nereida and I went shopping for some supplies for the Bridal Shower we are throwing for Nathalie next week and then we all went to dinner at this Bar and Restaurant (what is with me... I can't remember the names of anywhere today!) where we had amazing spicy avocado rolls, pizza, their specialty rootbeer, and pizookies! 

Saturday Bryan had to work so we had girls day at the beach with Nereida's friends Liz and Kim. They are seriously hilarious and I had such a great day. We started at Venice Beach and walked all around for awhile. We stopped at some sun glasses shops and tried on a thousand pairs, at least I did... until I found just the ones!

Just kidding. I did not buy either of those. I got sweet blue sunglasses though. All along the beach front are people selling medical marijuana. It was kinda crazy how many there actually were.  

We spent a long time walking around and laughing and then after getting henna tattoos we decided to lay the beach for awhile. Oh I love love love the beach. 

We then attempted to find a gas station to go to the bathroom but apparently gas stations in California don't believe in bathrooms so we ended up at McDonalds. Then we went to Santa Monica Pier for some good lovin' fun.... where I rode a ferris wheel. Now, if you don't know me that wheel then you don't know how horrible terrified I am of Ferris Wheels. Like terrified. It's bad. But I got on anyway and actually enjoyed it slightly. Probably because we could not stop laughing or because people kept changing seats while it was moving or because we were taking awesome pictures or maybe all of the above and then some, but either way, I survived. We walked the pier a bit and took more pictures and then we were off to dinner at Roscoe's where the serve waffles and chicken! What a combo. We waited outside on the curb like true Hollywood bums for about 30 minutes and then enjoyed a really awesome meal and tons more laughs. Then we spent the rest of the night walking Hollywood Blvd. Oh what interesting people you see there..... Including the creepo guy who hit on me, invited me to have beers with him when he got off work, gave me his number, and proceeded to kiss me. All while everyone else was petting a dog a ways off and while Nereida was taking pictures of this little incident! Such a sister thing to do ;) hahaha. Anyway. I had an awesome time but here are the plethora of pictures to prove it. 

Yes, we did part on Ocean Avenue. Just like the song :)

Ferris Wheel!!!!

This picture makes it look kinda like I am floating in the ocean, but it was on the Pier :)

Just chillin on the curb in Hollywood waiting for dinner, all of FB, nbd.