Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 3

Today I am thankful for this amazing women.

In Caesarea Israel

Behind us is Syria

Tonight we went through some things in her cedar chest and found her amazing wedding dress!

I am so incredible thankful Nana. She is an amazing example of strength, love, and courage. I have been blessed with the opportunity to live with her for the past few years here and Provo and it has blessed my life in so many ways. She is always teaching me through her example and I will treasure these years I have spent with her for the rest of my life. She has been through so much in her life yet still preservers and endures all the way to the end. Recently, we have also started doing a lot of her personal history and I have loved hearing all of the stories from her past and all of the fun things she has experienced in life to get her to where she is now. I do not know what I would do without her love and example in my life.