Monday, May 30, 2011


This is awesome. I read it on Dear blank, please blank today....

Dear world,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How I spent my Sunday night.

Okay so I know I am seriously slacking in blog posts and I have sooo many things to blog about like the last day of spring break, finals, the fabulous road trip, Camille's visit, my awesome new hair discovery, and The Project, and probably much much more, but I just have to post this tonight because it is so funny. 

My brother has the funniest dogs ever. I just love them to pieces. 

So Chris is in Utah this weekend so I am dog sitting his two black labs. They are just FULL of personality it is awesome. They have been out of control this weekend when combined with Jada, the German Shepard. So tonight I was playing with them trying to get some energy out of them so they would calm down and Buddy just loves to wrestle and so once I started with him the other two just had to join in as well even though they don't understand the concept as well and like to bite(not hard though thank goodness). Buddy also makes the funniest noises and it just so funny I can't even explain it. I laugh so hard when they are around. I love to play with them too because they always come back for more ha. Towards the end of this little event that probably went on for a good 15 minutes, a few pictures and video were taken.... This is what we have. *Mind you, some may not be the best in terms of understanding how humorous they are, but I still have to share anyway. :) )

Cute! Bailey has the same tongue problem as Jada... it is too big for his mouth so it just sticks out the side ha.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life Legacies

I got this card for my birthday a few years back and it has been taped to my mirror above my bed ever since. I saw it today and was reading it and thought it would make a good post....

Live Deep
Never stop learning, playing, 
or finding wonder in the world around you. 
Live the length of your life, 
but live the depth of it as well.
Travel Light
There is no use in carrying around 
worry and regret. 
They only weigh you down. 
Always keep yourself open 
to hope and to love. 
They give us wings.
Forgive imperfections
in yourself and in others. 
Imperfections keep things interesting. 
They're the cracks 
where the light shines through.
Own beautiful things
And not just to keep in the drawer, 
tucked away for a perfect day. 
Surround yourself with things 
that make you happy, 
that remind you of the beauty all around us 
if we only keep our eyes open to it.
Make mistakes
Follow detours. Sometimes it takes an unexpected turn
to help us find the life
that is waiting for us around the bend.
Trust yourself and the path 
that is meant for you.
Take care of yourself
And sometimes that means
you need the ice cream
Be good to your body,
but also to your mind and spirit.
You're the only one who can.
And always, always know you are loved
You are are gift to this world
and a blessing to me.
And that will never change