Thursday, September 29, 2011

You have been Bamboozled!

Do you ever have nights where you just can't sleep? No matter what you do, or how tired or late it is, sleep just doesn't come. The past few weeks that is exactly what my life has been like. Take right now for instance... it is 3:00 in the morning and I am still wide awake even though I have a headache and am super tired. I just can't sleep. I have been laying here in the dark staring at the ceiling for nearly four hours now and nothing has changed. I really hate insomnia. I know that at school later I am going to hate it and be completely exhausted, but yet I still can't sleep. Hey sleep fairy! Come visit me please!! 

In other news, I almost got eaten by an elevator tonight. You see, I have, or should I said had, this crazy love for the elevators in the library at school because they are just so fantastic and amazing and FAST! Of all things, they are fast which is probably the coolest thing about them. So after a crazy three hour study session with some friends, which also involved some throwing of food, extreme laughter, people watching, and indeed lots of studying, we decided to call it quits and head home. As we go to embark the elevator, I am the last one to enter and I was preoccupied with socializing that I did not realize how far behind the others I was and that the doors were about to close so right as I begin to step through to get on, the doors start to close on me! Never-mind that I was there, the doors didn't care, they just continued to close, and as like everything else about these elevators, they close fast! So of course I jumped and tried to move quickly out of the way, meanwhile laughing hysterically because of my over the top reaction...go figure.Then, I backed in to the corner to relive the happy, joyful moment of the elevator almost eating me and when we got down to the first floor moments later, as I tried to disembark, I found I was somehow attached to the rails and the elevator was pulling me back. So much for getting off! Haha. I finally untangled myself and was able to get out, with many laughs all the way out to the car. Lets just say, three hours of studying in the library and leaving at 10:30 seems to make me a little slap happy. Darn school and studying... 

And for the entertainment of the night... or day.... or whatever it is right now. One of my favorite clips from Friends. I swear this show is one of the greatest of all time and it makes me laugh every time. So for you, you have all been BAMBOOZLED! Enjoy!

Monday, September 19, 2011

College Peeves

You know how people have all sorts of pet peeves about life and others and whatnot? Ya, well I have discovered this semester that I really have a number of them about college campuses. Let's begin.

  • PARKING. Oh my to high heavens. Parking seems to be such a huge deal here at my current school. When I lived in Logan I never really had to deal with it because I always would walk or ride the bus to school. Never did I have to deal with crazy insane parking lots on a daily basis. But now I do. Sometimes I really love the fact that I drive to school everyday. It gives me 25 minutes a day where I can just sit and be alone and either drive in the silent, or blast some good tunes, let the wind rip through my hair, or turn on the AC only for me. But then I arrive at school and chaos ensues. I don't understand why people think that parking in such a big deal and why every one is always complaining about it on campus. In the time that it takes for people to drive up and down all the isles of the massive parking lot each day, they could have parked just a little further away and walked to class and been on time. Or they could just be searching for that one close spot so they can be lazy and not have to walk. Or ask every person walking by who is leaving if they are parked close.... JUST GET OUT AND WALK PEOPLE! It is so ridiculous. It really is only a 5-6 minute walk from the outskirts of the parking lot to the library. SO EASY! and you don't have to waste so much gas everyday. 
  • WALKING ON THE RIGHT SIDE. Do we secretly live in England or something? I hate when you are walking up or down the stairs on the RIGHT side and all of a sudden you have to stop because people are coming up or down the stairs on the LEFT side. Common people! If everyone stays to the right then there wouldn't be so many traffic jams in hallways and stairwells. Plus, walking through doors.... You go to the right and I'll go to the right and then no one will have to get hurt. It is so simple. Why can't people just understand that?
  • ROLLER BACKPACKS. Oh the roller backpacks! I surely do understand that they are nice and keep from hurting your back so much, BUT there really is no place for them on a campus of 33,000 students. Especially when you are going to take your sweet ole time walking with it. I mean, some people have places to go, like class! Imagine that. Being at school to go to class. HA! It is so frustrating to get stuck behind someone who has one of these backpacks who rolls it out to the side of them so it is like two or three people walking side by side and makes it impossible to pass them! They just create problems and I really hate getting stuck behind one. 
  • LONG BOARDERS. Darn you crazy long boarders... Now I understand that it is so nice to use your long board at school, especially for those classes that are really far from each other, but if you are going to use it, please use it responsibly. I hate nearly getting run over on a weekly basis, as do so many other people. 
  • TEXT WALKERS. Yes, I am sure we have all done it a time or two in our lives, but those people who are constantly texting while trying to navigate and insane hallway and in order to do both the slow down considerably and then you get stuck behind them when you are running late because there are so many people you can't pass them. It's like texting and driving. It should be illegal. 
  • SEAT TAKERS. I really really hate getting used to a certain seat and always sitting there and then one day you come in to class and some random kid who hasn't been to class in over a week is just sitting there in your seat! Sometimes I just wanna yell, "Hey dude! You're in my seat now beat it!" But I never do. I just cautiously find a new seat for the day hoping not to do the same thing to someone else. Then for the rest of class it's like the first day all over again, trying to get situated with the room and who is around you and everything else. It is such a pain. I chose that seat for a reason you crazy slacker people!
Okay. Now that that is out of my system! Ha. I'm apparently in a bit of a whiny mood today. But being in college brings out random sides of me and random times. And today, I experienced all of these. And on a Monday nonetheless. Oh what a day. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I kinda have this ridiculous obsession for black furniture and decor. I just LOVE it.  

And I am so in love with this staircase. I didn't know you could be in love with a stair case but I am. 

Oh Heyyyyy massive shoe closet that I want I mean need.

It's a bit creepy that there is a man in this picture... except I love the room. 

Black counters and white cabinets are nice too. 

And this house, MUST have. Dream house right here...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Before and After

Since it is already September.... here are the pictures of the massive project that I was able to work on all summer in Colorado. There are a few before pictures from my phone... they aren't super great but I can't find the ones from my camera so they will have to do. They get the jist across of what the basement has been like for so long. 

And then comes the clearing out! This took so much longer than anticipated but it got us going on a great project.

Goodbye nasty paneling!

Ya that's right, I use power tools! Be afraid!

Oh the furniture.... what an epic FAIL this was trying to get the couch downstairs the first time. Oh, and don't worry. I moved all of the furniture with my dad. Just the two of us. Up and down two flights of stairs. And let me tell you...hide-a-beds are NOT the lightest of couches! Ha!

After a long Saturday of hard work 

SOOOOO close to being done!!!!!

These last few pictures are the near finished product of a massive remodel that took all summer and a TON of blood, sweat, and tears. Since these pictures a few other things have been done to add finishing touches to the basement, but overall you get the jist of the new and wonderfully amazing basement. For the next couple of weeks before I went back to school, I basically lived down here. Slept there, watched movies, hung out, etc. I miss it so much! But am so proud of what I accomplished. I am so not one of those girly girls who won't ever do hard work. I worked SO hard down there with demolition, hanging drywall, holding ceiling drywall up, and everything in between. I like to think Gramps would be proud of me too. :)