Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here fishy fishy

So Tuesday, Tuesday was a way fun day. Kinda exhausting but way fun. We got up at 6 am so that we could get ready to go and then we drove out to Lovers Bay to do some back bay fishing with the awesome Captain Larry. He was way funny and really patient. It was unusually slow and we didn't get more than probably 15 bites in the whole five hours that we were there and only caught nine. We were not able to keep any of them though because they are out of season. We caught a couple catfish, some snooks ad snappers. Some of them were pretty big and extremely strong and way fun to try and keep on the line. The first fish that Laura caught was a lady fish that was interesting to watch dance as it was jumping out of the water. Laura's grandpa caught a snapper that was 1/4 of an inch too short to keep (they have to be 18" in order to keep them or you have to throw them back) so that was a bummer. Because it was so slow and we were not having much luck at all, and the stupid birds kept following us, we kept moving around all over the bays off the Gulf of Mexico. Eventually after like no luck we went over to Larry's house because he lives on one of the canals. He knew there were tons of fish there so he though that we might have a little more luck over there. On my first cast there, I caught a massive snook. It was awesome. After awhile we started to head back to Lovers Bay. The boat was going upwards of 50 MPH for quite awhile and it was pretty funny to try to hold on to our hats and everything. We went home and just relaxed and took naps because we were so tired then had pizza for dinner and watched some movies. It was a calm night and such a fun day. Florida is such a spectacular day. 

Don't mind my crazy hair....