Friday, October 15, 2010

My favorite place on earth

So pretty much I am just the best at pulling off surprises... especially with my mom. On multiple occasions I have surprised her by coming home from school. Last December I came home for Christmas 2 days earlier than she expected me and I went to her school with Laura and surprised her and she actually started crying because she was so shocked. Then, last Wednesday I pulled off another spectacular surprise. She didn't even know that I had a long weekend from school which was perfect. So I showed up at the house, rang the doorbell, and her jaw just dropped. It was perfect. And it was a wonderfully perfect 4 days in Colorado as well... and much too short. Here are some of the highlights:

-my mom and I went shopping and out to eat on multiple occasions (my dad was at scout camp for a few days)
-one night while at Sweet Tomatoes (one of my favorite places ever) BOTH of my brothers called me within 10 minutes of each other. How awesome are they!
-I got a haircut, which was super fabulous and I know love love love my hair
-I went to the dentist (which almost ruined the surprise but it didn't ha)
-I went babysitting a few times and made a little extra money
-my parents recently got a new car... and I got to drive it for a couple of days which was sooo much fun.
-I made cookies, which I haven't done in awhile and they were just oh so delicious
-I got to sleep in my own bed which I have missed oh so much. It was the best
-Jada was so absolutely thrilled to see me.... or just to have someone home during the day to play with her and take her for a walk. I missed that puppy
-My cat Daisy has gotten ridiculously fat. It's out of control. She is just so lazy haha
-Saturday I went to some volleyball games and had to ref one which was fun
-Saturday I also went to Bekah's bridal shower which was way fun... except now I am feeling old because my friends are getting married and coming home from missions and all that.... oh how time just flies by
-I did absolutely NO studying which was so nice, except for not good at the same time because I have a bio test today
-it was about 80 degrees the whole time and just gorgeous. I just love Colorado.
-Saturday night Jacove took me to Pinkberry and oh my heavens it is so so good! Utah should get one.
-Sunday after church we went to Chris' house for lunch which was super delicious and fun to see him and his dogs as well. Then it was off the the airport!
-On my flight back to Utah, I got FREE tv, yes FREE on the flight haha so I watched the Bronco's game of course.

It was such a great trip. I am so so glad that I went. Nothing is better than Colorado and seeing family. =]

But now it is back to reality... which has just been miserable. I had the headache of all headaches Monday and Tuesday which made it difficult to do anything. Which meant I didn't study. Which is not good. Because I have a test today I have to go take..... Plus tons and tons of homework that I've needed to do that I couldn't so now it is all backed up and due TOMORROW! What a pain.... So here I am blogging instead of doing homework or studying. Of course. Well, maybe now I will go do some homework, since all I did earlier was go through classes and plan out my schedule for next semester now that all of my credits have transfered and my AP scores are FINALLY here. I don't have much time today since tonight I am going to Rachel's choir concert... I guess I better go get started......

Monday, October 11, 2010

Walking down many many stairs in three inch heels is quite the task

Yesterday was Sunday. A great day in my life because I don't really do much. I went to church with Bekah though because she was teaching and she wanted me to go with her. So I did. It was great. And then in Relief Society, one of the teachers brought up my uncle who she just happens to be taking a class from this semester. Ha. What a small world I live in here in Provo. Then it was home for 3 hours of relaxation and napping before we went to Eric and Elaine's for dinner. I love this part of the week. It is always so much fun and Elaine makes amazing dinners. Yesterday was particularly fun, although I'm not sure what made it so different. But it was great. Then we watched the broadcast and sat out on Eric's wonderful front yard for a while to enjoy the sun a little more before it is full on winter and we no longer can go out. Such good times.

Today is shaping up to be interesting as well. It's Monday, which means it is a long day of school for me. Math, Biology, institute, and History. From 9:00 am till 2:00 pm I am here at school, attempting to get an education... except today. You see, right now I should be in math class. Taking a test in fact. Except for the fact that my teacher is crazy. She showed up almost 15 minutes late (and class is only 50 minutes long) and then informed us that if we wanted we could take the test in the testing center. If I had known that before I wouldn't have even showed up today! Oh well. I really just can't wait for that class to be over. So tomorrow, I have to find time in my crazy life to take the test. Joy. Except then I can take as long as I need on the 5 page test, because there is no limit in the testing center for how long you can take to take a test. Which is much better than trying to do the whole thing in 30 minutes. So I guess I should be grateful.

Now I get to go to Biology and have tons of information thrown at me and not understand much of any of it. Story of my life. It should be a good day though. Tomorrow I have a health test and then next week is my Bio test. Why is it that all of my tests always happen to be at the same time...... Oh college how you stress me out so often. I am pretty sure that sooner or later my brain might just actually explode because of all the information I am trying to cram in to it at one time. That'll be the day! Plus, on top of studying, I have to figure out where on earth my AP test scores are and why they are not showing up on my transcript, even though my bank account says I have been charged for them. Sometimes being an adult is such a pain.

Oh well, onward and upward right?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love starting my mornings with freezing cold showers....

It's been awhile, and everytime I think about blogging I have a million things to write about, except then I am never motivated enough or have enough time to write anything down. Story of my life. This past week has been insane. Last Saturday I watched conference and then had to go take a test... yes a test for school on a Saturday; welcome to college. I know I did other stuff that night but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Then, Sunday I had to go to conference at the Conference Center because my Uncle gave me tickets. It was great fun, my cousin and her friend also came. Then when we got back we had to set up for family dinner (just a tradition my mom's side of the family has every conference). Then after I came home and slept because I was so tired and had such a headache. Most of this week has been just a blur. Between work and school and homework, there is just no time in the day for a life. Wednesday though I went to the Gubernatorial Debate that was at UVU for a little bit between some of my classes and that was interesting. I don't follow politics much but it was an interesting experience to watch the candidates try to figure out what the audience wanted to hear. Last night I went to Bekah's because she is helping me with my math so I can maybe possibly pass the stupid class and then taught her to drive stick some more. She learns fast ha. Today, I slept till 10.... oh how I miss sleeping in! When I went to take a shower, I didn't realize that both the washer and washing machines were going taking all of the hot water and so I ended up with a super cold shower. I haven't had a shower like that since, well, since Outdoor Lab in sixth grade! I hate cold showers. And now I have to go to work all afternoon... luckily though I don't have to work after the BYU game and all its insaneness! Then, story of my life, I will be doing homework all night. It just never seems to end.